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posted Jun 5, 2017 in Study Materials by Boss (13,439 points) | 1,199 views


This is a question -- should not be in blogs. I had made a blog on this last year. And where are you joining?

Sorry Arjun sir. I will refer to it. I am joining bits pilani sir.Sir can u please tell whether MS in nit trichy should be chosen over bits pilani mtech?

okay. As per what I know BITS Pilani should be way better than any NIT MS unless you find some great Professor who is doing good research. Do you plan to do Ph.D.?
Sir as of now i am not sure whether i will do PHD in future but yes to some extent i do wish to do PHD. I am confused about BITS as its only good for placements. I don't wish to be in corporate sector for a long time.I planned to do mtech because i wanted to go in academia. But since earning is equally important i am not able to decide what is good for me. Any advice sir??
Professors do not earn? :) But how much they earn -- you cannot search in quora and put IIT or better colleges. But yes, most of them might be earning less than an average software engineer. I do not think you will be liking a SE job-- but you can get a  good work after ME-- and say you continue working for some years. If you are in a good company and doing good work -- you can anytime come back to academia -- only interest matters. But if you have finalized academia -- my suggestion is to do Ph.D. immediately -- say from BITS itself you might be able to do a Masters project in some IIT/IISc and then continue for Ph.D.
Hello Mr Arjun.

I appeared in the IIT Delhi interview, and I think it wasn't​ normal, so I am asking for your views. I think the questions were unnecessarily difficult.

Q : Worst case Quick sort?
A : told correctly.

Q : When does it happen?
A : Partition function partitions into n-1 and 1 element.

Q : When does that happen?
A : ????? --- Iterate the previous answer. We spend some time on this question.

Q: In a single core processor, with RR, how does the CPU keep track when a quantum expires and brings in another process?
A : ????????????? ---- Maybe a process uses the system clock to do this, or an interrupt with a timer.

Q : But its a single core processor, only one process can be on CPU?
A : ????????? ---- Maybe ​it switches very fast such that its time is negligible compared to time quantum (or something like that.)

Q : Graph of sine x.
A : drew correctly.

Q : Graph of log x.
A : Silly mistake with nervousness and a huge facepalm.

Q : What is a deadlock?(or something like that)
A : explained.

Q : What is a livelock?
A : ??????????  --- some uncertain answer.

Q : Conditions for deadlock?
A : explained.

Q : Deadlock example of buses at crossing. How are conditions of deadlock applied in this example?
A : explained.

Q : How is it / is it not a livelock?
A : ????????. --- uncertain answer.

The end.

I think the questions with ?????? were way too minute than they should have been. Even though I had a score of 869, and it was 70:30 weightage, I was not selected.

Any comments?
In interviews, anything can happen. Maybe they can think you won't be joining there due to your score. Or maybe they had a different idea. Even though weightage is 70:30, I'm not sure how the scores of the two are considered.
So, I am not wrong in thinking that the questions were abnormal at the very least?  Just want to find out if it was my fault or it was just the esoteric questions...

That makes me realize what you are saying is pretty correct -- anything can happen in an interview.
Hi @Newplayerr,

Could you please tell what your GATE rank was? Thank you
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