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I already applied for the post of junior project officer in iit kharagpur as temporary job.They send the call letter and they called me for the interview They mention that  testimonials,originals should be taken for the interview.
I didn't write gate exam.But they are asking gate scorecard.Shall  i go to interview or not?
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From your post it is not clear that in their advertisement they mentioned Gate Qualification as a prerequist or not. In either case, you can call them once and confirm the same.
Sir I have seen the notification as well as the application form for the post of junior project officer.In notification,they didn't mentioned about the gate score.But in application form ,they mentioned that attested copies of  gate/net (Attested Copies of Score card/Certificates to be Enclosed).I didn't write gate.What can I do?I am from other state.Shall i go to interview or not?
Did you tried calling them?
ya,I called them.But one of the sir told them "I am not project PI.So i don't know".Now what can I do?
Is it worth joining IIT kharagpur  as a junior project officer  in the cse Department?

yes it is worth joining as u can do MS from KGP later by converting PI to MS by giving an internal exam ..anyway mail or call the professor who conducts that interview for that project.

he is responsible for that interview and only he can resolve your issue.
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