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Based on the gate score shortlisted some students and on the day of interview we were introduced about RA program, they cleared our doubts there is no difference between TA and RA program in terms of coursework and placements. There are 4 professors who introduced about their projects and what are their requirements.

Followed by a written test consisting of 16 questions (CO, OS, DS, Algorithms,Math’s mainly)

Then called for the interview, there were 8professors inside the room. It covered General subjects interview (CO, OS, DS, Algorithms,MATHS) followed by Project specific interview.

Subject’s interview

First question was tell about yourself - told

Started with CO

Professor: What is difference between Cache and TLB

Me: Cache used to store words, TLB used to store entries.

Professor: What is Temporal Locality and Spatial Locality. Given some references of pages and block size, use LRU. Will it be an advantage for Temporal Locality or Spatial Locality – Told.

Professor: Will there is an integer greater than every integer. Is true or false

Me: Told it is not a proposition

Professor: Why and what is the definition of proposition?

Me: Proposition is statement we can say true or false. Here I assumed integers are Universe set of Disclosure so we can’t give a number greater than any number and say true or false, so it is not a proposition.

Professor: If we have an array with all numbers same except one number. Tell me an algorithm to find different number.

Me: Told a algorithm and they asked me to find the time complexity for the same algorithm

Professor: Asked about basic concepts of threads – told. They have given a case study assume we have linked list and want to do basic operation (Insert, Delete, Min), want to perform parallel operation by using threads. Tell me your approach.

Me: As linked list is like a critical section we can’t perform the operations parllely as it will lead to inconsistency problem. They asked me what is Critical section.- Told. They said there exists an approach we can work parallel

. I have been thinking for some time- not getting idea.

They stopped me and we will come to that later and asked some more questions couldn’t remember. Finally they asked me to wait, there is another round of interview at afternoon 3:00.

Project specific interview:

They asked me tell me set associative cache and what is its format- told

Explained and given the format as


Set No



Asked me about what is miss in cache – told.

Professor: Let’s assume Tag and Set No are interchanged.

Assume offset is 2Bytes, set no is 3bits, and remaining tag. And the references are 0 to 16(each 1 Byte). Then how many no of misses.

Me: Written references on board 0000 0000

                                                                   0000 00001 …………………………………………..till 16

                                                                    0001 0000

New format is  

Set No




I told all the references will be mapped to the same block of cache because all the references having the same set no “000”. For every reference we are getting 2Bytes in  cache. So for every two references 1 miss. So totally 8 misses.

Professor: Satisfied with my answer. I was happy.

Professor: Came back to the Threads question parallel operation

Me: Actually thinking about same question during my lunch got some idea, told some.

They asked me to wait for another interview.

General Interview:

They asked me to tell about my self- told

What are the things you have done apart from your course work of B.Tech – told.

They asked what your interests of learning are- I said ML/AI, I just heard the terminologies, I want to learn full time under professor guidance.

Professor: project is related to ML/AI with computer architecture. – I was happy that I can learn the new things (ML/AI).

Finally completed my interview.

After 2 days Professor called me and confirmed that I didn’t applied for other IIT’s and willingness to join

On that day itself I came to know I was selected for RA before results.

Hope this post helps somebody to get interview exposure.



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Can you tell me names of such collages?

For almost all IIT level opportunities you can visit here which is also part of GO group only.

 @yogi_p yes we can't give a value of 'x' here which is greater than every integer as we considered intergers domain universe of disclosure.

Swati Rauniyar we can apply with valid gate score(gate score valid for 3years), i have applied by 2017 gate score.

Thanks for your help @Dileep kumar M 6

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