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Compared to 2017, what was 2018 like?

Comment down below in Easier/Same/Tougher ...

I was interested in knowing how others felt. I thought it was difficult.
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Gate 2018 paper was difficult compared to GATE 2017.
However, the best part of the paper is that there is no normalization involved. (single paper across all Geography locations)

The paper becomes difficult as there is no expected questions from some certain topics (as per previous year question paper) like:

1. Master theorem - time complexity.

2. Multi-level paging question

3. LL(1), LR(1), SLR(1), CLR(1)

4. Stack questions (in-order to post order evaluation)

... and many more.

Finally, we are not competing with the paper, we are competing with the aspirants.

Even though the paper is tough, there exists some aspirants who score 100 percentile.....

Ashwin Kulkarni you did well i knw :D

@Mk Utkarsh haha thanks bro... but i’m not sure about score and all. I found already 5-6 silly mistakes Though I attempted many Questions but afterall accuracy matters! Let’s  wait for the answer key and hope for the best!
Haha... all these comments about paper being tough and beyond imagination!

I remember four years back when JEE Advanced 2014 happened, at that time it was speculated to be the toughest IIT paper in past so many years. Later when the results were declared, the topper had aced the exam like never before, with marks much higher than the previous years' toppers had ever achieved!!!

What I am saying is that the paper was purely conceptual. The questions are always meant to be new and so was the case. Any person with crystal clear and solid foundations could have easily done them. They were sure lengthy to comprehend but brief enough to understand the concept which is being asked.

And of course the language will be twisted a bit, after all they are IIT professors, they won't serve us a pie in the paper!

And there's no point of discussing the answers. When the official answer keys get changed at times, why to unnecessarily stress out yourself by taking someone else's answers as correct! Just relax and wait for March 17.
that is true...I think one time full time preparation for gate is enough....there is no point in just sticking for good gate score for years watching the change of drastic patterns of can practice and revise and attempt again maybe......with hard work one can definitely improve but he cannot become super genius,those foundations are layed much earlier when you are maybe 12-16 years old.....the most difficult part of the paper was to read these large questions and assimilate meaning in 4-5 coaching institute can prepare to face this type of paper.......its only oneself who can do so...people who score above 65+ in this paper is clearly a cut doubt about it...
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