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   I am a computer engineer, graduated in 2016. I worked for a year and 3 months in the company which has a bond of three years, but due to the quality of work, I resigned due to which I didn't get my experience letter. I joined the online course and studied for gate 18. but on the day,  I haven't given my best. may be due to lack of confidence in my preparation, mindset. I am not expecting a good rank. I am not great at coding. what do you suggest? I anyhow want to do Mtech from IIT

I am preparing for pgee and isro exam right now.

1) Join good coaching and prepare (Maybe not be a good option, to Invest one more year)

2) Join some course(I am right now learning ML from various free resources), there are some full-time offline or Online courses which are really good to build a good portfolio.(in ML/AI filed) and along with that prepare for gate again.

3) Join some company and prepare along with it.(But I cant do other extra courses like ml here).

4) Do 4 or 5 months of internship and them prepare full time again for last two-three months.(not sure about this)

please help me out.
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Almost same scenario with me, I even have less experience than you, 10 months.
Please Suggest Someone
what is your reason to do mtech?...Is it to get a good brand of college name on your cv,or product level job or research/teaching/phd? ....If you want to work in ML related field you need to do coding...but that coding is not like C/C++ programming is little different and mostly people use R or python or both.Online portal is good to learn but you might get only a chance to get interviewed by company if you have a stunning profile in kaggle or some other websites,so better opt for full time course. If you want IIT and premier institutes you need to fight it out....but if you dont do well on that d-day again you will be in lot of tension thats the problem of appearing multiple times in gate.If you have plan to do Phd then you can join any old state government college with gate score there fees are bit less.So think of the reason first why mtech then think IIT.....mere IIT tag will not do wonders..not everyone from IIT will have job in facebook,google microsoft.
Thanks, Surajit,

Reason to do mtech is to get the quality education(I don't have any thought to do phd as of now), of course, product based job and brand as well. Its true not everyone will get the job in Google, ms, FB etc. but good college will definitely help to get more opportunities. I don't want to regret not doing masters after 10 years. I have done bachelors from college where just completing the assignment and getting good percentage is the only motive.

I want to get associated with great minds, who think other than this.

Regarding ML, I have learned python and now working with the important libraries. Can anyone suggest good course for ML?

Anyone who have gone from similar scenario earlier and of course seniors please help.

Yes most of us from the same category colleges....but I think you should not prepare full time by sitting at home one year since getting de-motivated is a big factor also gate is 1 day sprint to get a gold medal....if you dont get no one will help already know all concepts keep on revising and get a job in some mnc get some experience.Online certificates are not looked as valid experience by any mnc/company,you can only use it once you get into some company speak with managers and try to allign yourself with a project of your choice if there is one,its completely luck factor.I am also in this condition leaving job before gate and ultimately getting poor marks...just that I have some more experience,but I am not going to sit and prepare at home one more year,either I work and prepare or join any college with gate score and prepare during semester break.
Hey buddy, I went through all the comments and my view for your question is that, try getting into some govt organization  like ISRO then that is  best, due to the following reasons.

1. you have already worked in IT companies and so u very well know that what kind of work you get there , technically you don't improve yourself, even i had worked in CTS so even i know what it feels. Plus the people around you they don't resonate to your thinking frequnecy .

2. Getting into an organization gives you a moral relif and a sense of backup support because no one exactly knows what will actually happen on the D-day, however good you prepare nothing is worth if you fail to showcase , this happened with me also, in 2017 in mid JAN I got chickenpox and so spent last 3 weeks in hospital , which brought my confidence down and I ended up with a poor performance.

3.You really cannot prepare for GATE in 3 months , you can only revise I would say and as you said you want to be among the good minds of this country then you also have to give your best for GATE, atleast 6-8 months of thorough study and practice is must to crack it if you are beginning from scratch . so your 4 point gets ruled out.

                   Let me share my frieds expericene , he also got low score in GATE 2017 so he joined HAL as apperentice in amethi and side by side prepared for it and this time he has gone even low in his marks than last year, all because of split focus, have a single AIM.

4. At last I would say that take a drop for an year only if you are totally passionate and mad about IIT and dont have any finacial issues at home, becuase after few years down the timeline no one cares in which year did u finsih your Mtech , all that matters is one BIG Success ...

Bhavya Bhatia What is your view on learning ML? Any course you want to suggest? Already I have started with some free online courses like the one in Coursera by Andrew Ng. I want some hands on. I am currently working in an MNC for 1 year and want to switch to Data Science at the earliest. It would be very helpful if you show  how to proceed to get interview calls for ML profile. Thanks.

Year gap is not a good thing....big year gap most companies will make a big issue out of any national level exam in India requires atleast 5 months+...for gate only preparing syllabus take 3-4 months for medium students...but these companies will keep restrictions...not more than 1 year gap..max 2 year gap...Getting a govt job and sideways preparing for gate is best idea,like clerk or something...private service/product company whatever you enter people are getting toiled for 12 hrs daily...very bad situation everywhere.... :/ :(

big year gap most companies will make a big issue out of it

Only true for service based or companies that pay less than 5 LPA.

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