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I am an ECE, 2017 Graduate. Taking GATE 2017 CSE - Marks 26.
Then I don't do any job only prepare for GATE 2018 CSE- Marks 34.
I know with this marks, I don't get any good college. I have already decided to appear for GATE 2019. But for some proper reason, just sitting in home and preparing for GATE 2019 without doing any job is not possible for me. I need a job, which I can get based on what I have learned during my gate preparation.

I am from KOLKATA and there I can't find a single job except sales and marketing. So, in search of a job Yesterday I came to bangalore and currently staying in BTM Layout 1. I am new here.
Any kind of Suggestion and Help will be appreciated.
Thanks in advance
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Okay, I'd say, make a good resume and send to as many companies as possible. You could surely try in Testing field, or even development if you want to do work in IT field. There was a recent incident in Kerala about a fresher who wanted a job so bad that she physically visited each and every company in a Technopark building asking for a job and she finally got a job as a tester in a start up. You need to have that attitude. If you get some inspiration from that, great! Prepare online by referring some questions asked for these kind of jobs. Never leave without trying your best. All the best, keep calm.
Well, You can get a job easily. But, you need to crack a coding interview.

It's software profile.

Not that easily though, We have 4 round, 1st one is online coding via the platform like hackerearth.

Please visit this or go for AMCAT.

Score well 85+ percent.

Good companies will hire you.

All the best,
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