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I am unable to give preference among these universities. Are there any colleges worth applying amongst these? I have a score of around 600 in GATE. Please guide.

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On other day I checked out the CSE department of all of these colleges and only Central University of Rajasthan had average faculties. Others were so bad to even consider. But even the research quality of CU of Rajasthan is not a great option to consider with 600 marks.
ok..thanks for the info. sigh.
Check Hyderabad Central University, Good AI and ML faculties
If anyone else was searching, here's what I found:

CUH(Haryana) : Only MCA and M.lib

CUK(Karnataka) : MCA

CUJ(Jharkhand) : Not even a department for CSE

CUJammu : MTech CSE started from 2017 (Had MSc/MCA from 2013) Phd also available. #faculty 7.

CUKashmir : MTech IT (Couldn't find faculty profile)

CUKerala : MSc/Phd in CS

CURajasthan : MTech CS etc. #facult 5 and as @akhilesh mentions the faculty profiles are a bit better. There are two different schools for CSE, one can check for details.

CUPunjab : MTech CS,CyberSec. #faculty 5

CUTamilNadu : MSc

CUSBihar : MSc,MTech CS



I might have missed out details,if anyone spots can correct me. Don't ask me why I spent time doing this instead of studying (trying to motivate myself for rest of the exams). @abc11 thanks will check it out,it's not part of CUSAT I guess.
I also did a similar kind of research. It is always better to compare yourself between universities by visiting their websites. I think CUs are apt for those in the actual marks window of 25-30, who just cleared the cut off and do not wish to try again for GATE for personal reasons.
ya it's probably better to go for NITs...if one cant drop.
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