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GATE(CS)-2018 AIR - 491 Marks-56 Category-General Like you all, I was an ordinary student having AIR 1,02,786 in JEE. Got into tier-3 college ; struggled with the Engineering Graphics; 96 rank out of 130 rank in IT branch; Broken after failing in 1st semester in college; trying to find what to do in life; GATE or CAT or UPSC or ARMY or MS(USA). searched whole internet, seen that in CAT you need high percentage of marks in 10th and 12th which was not in my case in 12th. even if you clear toughest exam CAT with the competition all around India; you need to face the interview which is really really tough. Also in CAT the work experience plays a key role which as a fresher I would not be having. Also because of diversity policy in MBA colleges, the entrance of engineer becomes tough. Being in general category and failing in first semester, I thought even if I prepare for CAT, I will screw my BTech which eventually will harm the interview of CAT. I am MCQ fan. I love playing with four options by my I know I am not going to write UPSC as they ask aspirants to write an essay and GK which I am not at all interested. My parents didnot allow me to go to ARMY. Also I didnot want/unable  to take loan in order to do masters in USA as my father rejected the request. With all in mind in the 1st year break,I decided to appear for GATE. In the third semester, I started finding tutions for GATE(both online and offline).In 4th semester I took online classes from well-known teacher as I liked his way of teaching. I struggled with the syllabus; struggled with college exams as every month there was an exam waiting for me. Hear the GATEOVERFLOW community, GEEKSFORGEEKS helped me a lot with solutions of previous years.Fast Forward sixth semester came, I started preparing for campus interview as backup.Left GATE. got selected in Infosys. after resting for few days, I started preparing for gate. I realised that I have forgotten the concepts.I again tried to study but this time not to enter IIT. but to get a good job in Bengaluru.I applied for another company and left GATE to prepare for Interview.Company rejected me.At that point I came home and started solving DBMS. which I was not able to solve any of the five I tried to solve.One month before the exam, I left GATE preparation, On the Makar Sakranti , My father came to know that I have left preparation as I was flying kites whole day. fast forward GATE exam day, I went to the centre with zero expectation seen the screen, I was waiting since three years.solved the questions without any fear, without any expectation ,full of confidence, somewhat fear of negative marking. thought paper was easy. everyone who had prepared will get good marks. forgot the paper and got in internship mode. Shocked seeing marks in Praggys app. Thought everyone would be getting these many marks. This was not the case now.Others felt the paper tough. Seeing rank AIR - 491 on screen looks awesome.

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I have secured AIR-491,as well.

Is it possibe that gate awards same rank as well.
Jhooth pakda gya
Yes gate awards same rank. If two persons have same marks and they are topper then both gets rank 1 and rank 2 is skipped and third person is given rank 3.
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