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I checked the website of IIT Mandi and my name is there on the shortlisted list for MS in CS. The date for next round given is 30th May. But no other details is given as to where will I get my call letter, timings for next round, what will be the next round etc. If anyone else is shortlisted please guide me what to do next. I did not receive any mail from IIT Mandi. I saw my name on the official shotlisted list on the website, i.e., here:

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I mailed them with the same query. They told that a mail will be sent shortly. And the timing is from 8am to 4pm on 30th May. All the rounds will get over in one day only. Also, they won't provide accomodation.
Thanks for the reply. Will there be a written test and interview?
Though they have not explicitly mentioned about any written test but in the mail they said "The interview will get over on the same day." So i assume there will be written test as well.
Is MS at IIT Mandi good enough. Is it worth attending the interview ?
i got a mail
Yeah me too.
As far as I know, the institute is new and doesn’t have good placements. Since it is remotely located, it isn’t feasible to go out and look for internships on your own. The professors won’t allow ms students for internship. For a score above 550 you have pretty good chances of getting good nits or iiitb or iiitd if you wait till last round. I was also told that hostels are not good at iit Mandi.
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