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I was not very much confident about the ISRO examination result but i got shortlisted for the interview. My inerview venue was DOS Staff Housing,Sector 17, Antariksha Vihar,Dwarka, New Delhi. They have asked us to report at 8:00 AM. Then we were asked to wait in the hall. They used to call group of 4 candidate on random order (Specifically it was the strategy to finish all female candidates' interview early). They did document verification and we were asked to wait for the interview. After waiting complete day. My interview started at 7:20 PM.
Interview mostly started with my Bio Data(a specific format by ISRO filled by candidates) and favorite subjects.There were approximately 8 ISROians in the panel. Below are the question which were asked to me
  1. Which Encoding Technique its using in Fast Ethernet
  2. Something related to flow Control and access control (Don't remember the exact question)
  3. you have worked on android so do you know about android Database and its supported data types ?
  4. Why linux has become very much popular ?
  5. Basics about pointer and some operation using this ?
  6. What is Race conditions ?
  7. What is Shared Memory ?
  8. One program output they asked to me (There was a board to explain the concepts didactically in case you need or you are asked )
Interview result was not out till i wrote this so I don't know even what are my chances but it was good experience and hope it will help you too :)
posted Mar 2, 2016 in Interview Experience by Loyal (7,761 points) | 3,350 views

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