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Day Date Contents Slides Assignments
1 Aug 1 Introduction to C Programming: A system overview - How a C program works in a Computer? 
Call by Value Parameter Passing in Use
Chapter 1   
2 Aug 2 Datatypes - implicit/explicit type conversion, Comparison between signed and unsigned, char and int
Constants - (suffix - L for long,f for float; prefix - 0 for octal, 0x for hexadecimal), enum, 
string literals, comparison between float and double
Variables scopes and lifetimes - global, static, auto and their memory allocation
Stack, Code and Data Segment,
Format specifiers for important types.
Little Endian and Big Endian - how to check
Introduction to Pointers - size of pointer, its type
Live programming sessions
Chapter 2 Practise Questions
3 Aug 3 Pointer Arithmetic- valid and invalid pointer operations, size of array using pointer,
Optimisation during compilation of code, why argument is passed as address in scanf function?, Modify value at any address using pointers(only char and void pointer can be used),
Array is a constant pointer?, the type of an array
General formula for pointer plus integer value(unsigned),Trial and error method of learning 
more on pointers(address and values of pointer variables in array),
Valid and invalid address that can be stored in a pointer, Null pointer,
Program on printing IEEE 754 representation of a number
Chapter 3 Practise Questions
 4  Aug 4  More on arrays and pointers. Multi-Dimensional array address calculation, detailed study on type
 and size of arrays and pointers, loss of dimension when array is passed to a function, 
Structure and union- user defined datatypes, size of structure and union(coding),structure padding
 Declarations in C  
 5  Aug 5 No discussion- solving previous Gate questions on C programming    
 6  Aug 6 Scope and lifetime of variables, atoi() function, malloc function- free(), double free corruption,
switch case- variable used in switch(constants), hashing used for optimisation, No performance advantage of switch case currently- branch prediction accuracy
 7  Aug 7 l-value and r-value, comma operator, Bitwise and logical operators- sequence point    


Day Date Contents Slides Assignments
 1  Aug 7 Introduction to data structures- stack, array, queue, linked list
 2  Aug 8 No discussion, Assignments on data structures    Assignment-1
 3  Aug 9 Implementation of stack using array, queue using two stack, stack using two queues, 
Linked list- Advantages and disadvantages of array and linked list implementation,
insertion and deletion- time complexity, doubly linked list, tree traversals- preorder, inorder, postorder,
Binary search tree
 4  Aug 10 Binary trees- strict, complete, full, balanced, Height/level of a binary tree, Storing parent pointer in a node,
Max and min heap-implementation, kth largest element in a heap, Binary search tree, Tree implementation
 5  Aug 11 No discussion, Assignment on linked list, binary search tree   Assignment-4
Assignment 5

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