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Why  they didn't give bonus marks for question no. 26 ??
For the question no. Of nor gate required it must be 3 but answer given in key is 4..

It is not final yet we can raise objections @Sanil Upadhyay

Getting about 70 marks what would I do now.....
Is GATEOVERFLOW rank predictor is in accordance with the official answer key by GATE authority.?
NO its 3 only.
@Prateek Raghuvanshi why do you think bonus marks should be given? Options were not ambiguos and only one option was the closest answer.
Ans is 3 , how to challenge key?
Is it 100% same as GO answers?
How to challenge the key???
Hey, I'm new here, but can you explain to me why the answer should be 3? I mean, the program never reaches the base case, so, the program will keep looping forever on the `convert(n/2)`, and won't get chance to go to any of the printf() statements ever. So, the answer should be "the program will not print anything and will not terminate.", which it is.

Edit : Never mind, found the discussion on this website.

@toxicdesire you are mixing up two different questions. 3 is the answer to the digital logic question

Only one question that is "no.of NOR gates" differ. GO answer is 3(yes, of course it is 3), but in key it is mentioned as 4. Everything else is same as Gateoverflow
Yeah the Answer for the question no.50 is given as 4 but we can construct it using only 3 NOR gate as per the GO key.

How to challenge the key? Somebody please help
@Arjun sir please help us for which question we have to challange like question 26 (terminate or not) ,question no. of NOR gate .
As far as I read from various sources, GOAPS will update it's portal to contest/challenge the official key most probably from tomorrow or soon so that registered candidates have to pay 500/- per question and have to submit solutions to support their claim. Based on all the challenges a final official key will be released and ranks are declared based on that.

So, I think we all have to wait and keep checking the portal.

As I am also waiting for NOR gates question...but I don't know why some are arguing about 26th(printing, terminating) question as they don't mention any thing about we have limited stack at our disposal or limited memory and it is more straight theoretical question, that it will never halts and never prints anything.

Please anyone out there, comment.

@ agreed..The 26th question should not be a bonus question and probably won't be. 

Agreed. And i see some people who have even marked the wrong option for that question 26th but claiming for bonus marks.Anybody who knew the intuition behind that question would have either marked the d option as it was closest or left it alone.
So in any case marks to all won't be a fair decision.
Did anyone find any mistakes in the Aptitude section?
Haan sab m kuch nah kuch mistake nikaldo aur challange krdo... Make IITM richer by some thousands..
Yes, I am going to challenge for aptitude question number 7. That was really ambiguous question. I solved it twice and then marked 16-31. I got both the answers by 2 different methods.
Also, the contest link is now open.
Is there any option that the answer can be 3 or 4?

@Ahabnnc have you challeneged that venn diagram question.


Yes, I did challenge that.
Any update on revised answer key??
Nope. IITM is not doing it right making us wait so long with no particular date or schedule.
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