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can anyone confirm if the iitm link is authentic. Doesn't contain any in it ? Is any info on same is released in their website?

you can check

Do we have to fill application forms on individual IITs/NITs or will there be a common portal, like in JEE?
Individually for every IITs u want to join
yes. NITs have a common portal - CCMT. IIT applications are individual but admission conformation is centralized via COAP.
these links are not available on the actual websites of respective IITs... and also in IIT Madras application form gate year field only 2017 and 2018 options are given hence not accepting the application... same with IITB no link for registration directly login and that too with no submit button. Pls verify them again.
Iit m and b after releasing score card, plz read brochure
Ok thanks.

I have two queries please help.

1. In the information brochure of some IITs it is written to register on the COAP Portal, however the COAP portal that I can access is of 2018, is the 2019 one not out yet (i.e. will it come after official score card is available) or is it there (if so can you please provide the link).

2. I had heard that some IITs give direct admission based on GATE marks, however in the information brochure of most IITs I see the written exam/ interview dates before the first round of seats offer. Does this mean everyone has to give exam/interview at all IITs they apply to.

@yadz for ur 2nd query read this : 

in IIt delhi application form what is to be filled in validity field for gate score like a proper date need to be filled in. and also if i have applied for obc ncl but haven't received yet then what should i upload in obc certi?help pls.
In IIT Delhi application, what to be filled in COAP registration number? ( Is there any default vaule? ) since, COAP registration not started yet, online sources indicate that it will start form first week of april but deadline of IITD application is 30th Mar.
COAP registration will start from tomorrow(20/03/2019)..So wait till then..
Thanks for the list.
Has IIT Hyderabad admission opened? Not able to find updates on their web page.
not yet..

IIT HYDERABAD:-   (Last date for applying 18 April, 2019 )

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