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Many of you might be wondering how to prepare for Interviews and though many experiences are already given (Interview experiences) I just wanted to add a few points:

M.Tech. TA Interviews (for CSE this happens in IITD and IITK and IISc CDS/AI) are slightly different from Research ones. They will mainly check your CS skills which include understanding Algorithms, Data Structure, Coding and Aptitude in Mathematics – mainly Probability and Combinatorics.  Coding Interview preparation  and Prepare written interviews major subjects focus questions  should help. 

For Research Interviews it is slightly different. In 1-2 months you cannot do research and most Professors won’t be expecting that. Instead they will check how good your basic understanding is and how you are able to adjust if something different (a twisted question) is given. There is no use in trying to study a lot of questions or concepts because Professors will be at an entirely different level and they can see through you in 1-2 minutes. So, be confident in what you know and what you do not know. NEVER say any blunders. If you have followed standard books – that’s like 50% job done. If you have done coding – that’s another 25%. In most IITs/IISc – Professors struggle to get any good student because current generation is used to spoon feeding and not able to do anything on their own. Those who are watching videos to fill in Application forms – better not go for Research Interviews – there will be no videos telling you how to do it. Somethings you can do as extra are

  1. Fix your area
  2. Shortlist the Professors working in that area
  3. Try to read and understand their work
  4. If you have genuine queries you can even contact him/her 

Some of the Research Interviews might have a written elimination round and so preparing for Course program interview is also necessary for those going for Research Interviews. 

In short, if you’re good and useful everyone will want you. Otherwise no one will want you. For GATE, only ranks within 100 or 200 are valued and rest will have to show the worth in Interviews. This is because you should know how difficult it is to get 75+ as compared to 60+. So compete with those above you and become worthy of joining IITs.  

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@Arjun Sir, can you please update the GATE CSE 2019 Result Responses on gatecse portal? Like you have done for every year till 2018?

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