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For the year 2019 GATE I have got 622/1000 in gen category for CSE. I have decided to try again for GATE 2020 so that I will do better.


But if I get less score next time, will I be able to apply for M.Techs in respective institutions by using my 2019 score instead of the 2020 scorecard?


Yes I know I have taken undue risk and I have heard more than enough about it. And I am confidant because in spite of very bad home conditions I was able to jump from 10363 to 1797 AIR in GATE 2019 and GATE 2020.

In case of any interviews, whether for further studies or job, will it matter  I have 2+ year gap?
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Have you filled IIIT-D or IIIT-A. I think there is a chance. Also IIIT-B cutoff last year was 640, so there is a slight chance maybe. BITS HD is still to happen. You can get a good college this year itself I believe.
I scored 650/1000 in GATE 2019. I will also give gate again in 2020. I filled for IIIT-D and CMI. I won't appear for IIIT-Hyd. CMI is a good option but placements aren't good.


PS : I didn't qualify GATE in 2018, since I was studying all the CSE topics for the first time being from mech.
Go for it. Nobody cares once you join a good IIT or IIISc.Once you proove that you have skills and you are worthy of that job nobody cares about gap.
Will apply for IIIT-B. IIIT D requires a codechef certitficate which is presently out of scope(unless its a participation certificate). Will check IIIT-A. Giving IIIT-H, CMI, ISI ,BITS-HD but am not very hopeful for it. Well they are there and its not changing. I am mentally preparing for another year of preparation. I am mainly concerned about my apparent age issues and the 2+ year gap and its effect on my future interviews for M.Tech and jobs. Unfortunately NIT in my score bracket are not good from what I have heard.


Therefore, I am asking will my 2019 scorecard be useful for admissions in 2020 even if I will have a 2020 scorecad in GATE.


EDIT:: Codechef not needed in IIIT-D from this year
I don't think IIIT-D requires any codechef certificates. At most, they can take a coding test.

As for your question, I think GATE-19 scorecard is valid till 2022, so you can use it till then. Also I noticed while applying to various colleges, there was a clear option to select whether you want admission through GATE-17, 18 or 19. So you can use this scorecard next year regardless of whether you give Gate next year or not.
even though i am not going for iiit , can you mention link where it says it need codechef score?

It strange to keep it as admission requirement.
THey removed it this year... I did not check it, So I missed...
10000 to <2000 is really kind of achievement , my suggestion would be don't spend another year for GATE / or do something like join mtech and then prepare again. Just take whatever you get this rank. Also take admission in college which has low fees. IIIT have higher fees than IIT/NIT. After you get placed from campus placement , you can just switch job with minimum 50% increment. But for this you need to learn practical things like java spring / hibernate / angular 2 . and get good at this.
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