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Guys, there is no post regarding the gate 2021 set 1. So i thought of creating one.

So guys start commenting and share your experience regarding the gate 2021 set 1.

I am an ECE graduate gave GATE CSE 2021. This was my second attempt, in gate 2020 CSE i got 1645 rank and 52 marks.

My experience:I was in set 1 and felt paper was a little lengthy just because of the MSQ's .i saw set 2 analysis also, it was moderate and not that tough as some people are saying,  questions were doable but yes, 100% agree  that paper for set 2 was very very lengthy.But people are comparing it with 2006 paper and...

Ashutosh777 posted in Exam Results Feb 15 edited Feb 18 by Ashutosh777
Hi, since there was no posts on today's exam I thought I'll create one. I felt it was moderate to difficult and lengthy. What about you guys, how did it go ? Some questions were really easy but I felt if I had more time I could have solved them. Questions from COA were really really easy and some questions from algo and DL took time. I made some obvious silly mistakes because of the time constraints I had. My first mistake was jumping right into technical and saving not enough time for aptitude section. There were 12-15 MSQs . I think I might give GATE again next year with ample practice (which I didn't) I also took coaching from a pretty famous guy who sold himself and...
goldenface posted in Exam Results Feb 13 edited Feb 13 by goldenface
GATE Final answer keys are out. Request to admins to kindly update answer keys in the GO marks predictor. Would be very helpful for all of us. Thanks a lot to you in advance for all the efforts

Update: GO keys have been updated accordingly, showing correct keys according to official.
sladewinter posted in Exam Results Mar 13, 2020 edited Mar 13, 2020 by sladewinter
till 21st​​​​​​​ February 1800 hours.
scarz posted in Exam Results Feb 19, 2020
by scarz
Hi Everyone,

With this gate score, IIT Bombay seemed like a pipe dream. But magic and miracles do happen. I always wanted to go in robotics and A.I.and I got written test call for control and computing course. Finally, I could visit Bombay. But wait, the written test is supposed to be in electrical, electronics and has just some part of computers (SQL, HTML and Bash Scripting). I figured this is my calling, I need to put all my effort into this, prepare the electrical subjects within a month and compete against those who are studying it for the past 4 year…. WHAT!! Not possible, I am a guy who doesn’t even like the two electrical subject in CS GATE...
Naruto Uzumaki posted in Exam Results Jul 1, 2019 edited Mar 27, 2020 by Naruto Uzumaki
172 candidates qualified in jest part A. Marks can be viewed by logging in jest website.
cspsunny posted in Exam Results Mar 11, 2019

Please refer the below link for TIFR GS 2019 Results-

Tejasvi96 posted in Exam Results Feb 9, 2019
Hello , My name is Sayan Ghosh , 2018 passout and this i am writing in general to thank the entire GO community which has helped me so much throughout and to give my bit of help to those who need it for future.

I want to thank the GO community especially the ones who have posted in the interview experiences and all the people who have kept up the motivation and determination of the aspirants.I failed to get top IIT's/IISC in this year but i believed that my main problem was not with my overall preparation but my time management/tension due to not knowing some core details like the undecidability,cantor's diag. theory, and some theoretical details in CN( i am...
Lionel Messi posted in Exam Results Jul 1, 2018
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