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Hi Everyone, I am Abhilash Bhardwaj ( ), last time (DRDO- Advt -136 for Scientist-B) I was one of selected students for Scientist -B position in Computer Science discipline. I will include some ... ML and Security, interested people can contact me. I will post my DRDO interview experience after descriptive examination. Thanks for reading !!!
posted May 14 in Job Openings kumarab 2,909 views
BUREAU OF INDIAN STANDARDS Detailed Advertisement : $\&$ Further reference :
posted Mar 2 in Job Openings KUSHAGRA गुप्ता 1,575 views
posted Jan 5 in Job Openings Sathuri Bharath 4,297 views
Management Trainee Recruitment Advertisement No. 01/2019(COAL INDIA/CIL):
posted Dec 19, 2019 in Job Openings Hira Thakur 7,793 views
BMRC recruitment
posted Mar 7, 2018 in Job Openings MIRIYALA JEEVAN KUMA 635 views
posted Jan 19, 2018 in Job Openings Chhotu 782 views
Hi Guys, Please refer -->
posted Jan 12, 2018 in Job Openings Chhotu 743 views
Hi Guys, For more details. Please refer -->
posted Jan 2, 2018 in Job Openings Chhotu 697 views
Hi Guys, For more details please refer --->
posted Jan 2, 2018 in Job Openings Chhotu 863 views
For more details please refer - But I think some jobs are temporary. Hi Guys, Whenever you get free time keep checking websites UPSC, UPPSC, OPSC, JKPSC etc. many good vacancies come for Computer science students.
posted Dec 10, 2017 in Job Openings Chhotu
edited Dec 10, 2017 by Chhotu
ONGC is recruiting through GATE 2017 CS UR(5) OBC (2) SC(1) and ST(1) VH(2) vacancies No application fee Last date: 27April 2017 For Details : GATE 2017 cut off :
posted Apr 15, 2017 in Job Openings sh!va
edited May 6, 2017 by anonymous
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