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Acc. to me it should be (C) because: according to condition, out of all, one philosopher will get both the forks. So, deadlock should not be there.
posted Apr 20, 2018 in Motivation Dilip Puri 7 1,121 views
Data forwarding techniques can be used to speed up the operation in presence of data dependencies. Consider the following replacements of LHS with RHS. $R1→ Loc, Loc→ R2 \quad ≡ R1→ R2, R1 → Loc$ $R1→ Loc, Loc→ R2 \quad ≡ R1→ R2$ ... executing the RHS be the same as executing the LHS irrespective of the instructions that follow ? i and iii i and iv ii and iii ii and iv
posted Feb 27, 2018 in Others Lakshman Patel RJIT 589 views
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