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I joined Gate Overflow in 2016 to prepare for GATE. As I had a Electronics and Telecomm. background, I had to start the subject from the base (except some subjects like programming and Digital Logic). For preparing I diligently followed Gate Overflow for previous year GATE questions and followed all the books and videos(specially lectures by Shai Simonson) recommended on the website.

In the end my rank was rather dissappointing (AIR 2803-GEN) mainly due to ignoring COA, OS and making too many mistakes on the final day. But GO helped me in developing a good understanding of the core CS topics, specially Data Structures, Algorithms, Theory of Computation and Discrete Maths. I was again preparing this year for GATE but luckily got shortlisted for MS (winter admissions) at IIT Kanpur, and finally got selected after the written test, programming test and interview. The conceptual understanding developed really helped in interview where the professors grill you on the fundamentals.

I want to thank Arjun Sir for creating this wonderful platform and all the other super awesome contributors who take special effort to make the concepts clear, rather than relying on cheap tricks. It is helpful for anyone who is interested in CS, regardless of whether he is appearing for GATE or not.
Ajinkya Naik 1 posted in 2017 Jan 12, 2018

I would like to thank Gate Overflow for helping me in this journey to IIT Kanpur, Especially I would like to thank Arjun Suresh Sir, Bikran Ballav Sir and my friends Pratyush and Habib to be with me in the whole counselling process. 

Gate Overflow is a platform where people are available 24*7 for the gate aspirants.
There are no books in the market that have all the correct solutions to the previous year gate problems. Here at gate overflow we can not just solve a problem but we can discuss it with the people who are master in the field. GateOverflow Test Series questions matches the level of the gate paper and it was  very helpful to analyze the preparation. Gate book  was really helpful when i had to practice a particular topic.In this book all the questions are placed at one place related to particular topic.And various solutions to the questions are given.

For Gate Aspirants 

"गते शोको न 
कर्तव्यो भविष्यं नैव चिंतयेत्।
वर्तमानेन कालेन वर्तयंति विचक्षणाः॥" 

This means "One should not regret the past. One should not worry about the future.
Wise men act by the present time"

and finally a big thanks to GO Family.

Neeraj Kumar(Gate Rank 207, IIT Kanpur)

Neeraj Singh posted in 2017 Jul 28, 2017
Hi, this is Shravani Joshi, AIR 70. GATE Overflow helped me understand all the tricky questions in all the subjects! I would like to thank Arjun sir and all the members on this community, for their active discussion and detailed explanations which helped all of us understand concepts better. Also GATE Overflow is by far the best platform where ALL the previous years' GATE questions with accurate answers are available, this helped me confirm my answers from time to time :D Also the tests made freely available as the exam neared helped me uncover my weak areas and taught time management as well. I strongly recommend GATE Overflow to all future GATE CS aspirants!
shravani posted in 2017 May 16, 2017
Hello all, I am Venkat from hyderabad.

I secured AIR 35 in GATE 2017.

I would really thank Gate Overflow Community for helping me achieve my goal. The answers to previous year questions given here are really amazing and they helped me a lot in gaining the correct concept and thinking in the right way.I did not take any coaching and just applied for test series. I came across GO in middle of my preparation and i personally felt that tests were waste if u solve the previous questions.Gate is all about concepts and one can learn it here by solving the previous year questions. The discussions by Arjun sir on decidability problems were awesome. Also i would really thank Arjun sir for keeping me motivated and inspired through his posts.

I would like to thank all the members of Gate Overflow for beautiful answers.


Note: Many are asking how did u use GO without an account? Actually when i was preparing, i didn't get the requirement to create an account and just followed it as a guest. Now i created it for writing the testimonial. There is no need of an account to see all the activity and answers.
venkat_sirvisetti posted in 2017 May 6, 2017 edited May 6, 2017 by venkat_sirvisetti

A big thanks to GO team ,Arjun Suresh sir and Bikram ballav sir for their creation of wonderful platform which eventually lead me to reach rank of AIR - 164 in a very short time(4 months). As this GO site helped me to get wonderful answers for my doubts and I hope it will be gateway to the future gate aspirants.
  Especially I want to thank Arjun Suresh sir for keeping the previous year papers live on the site and for valuable detailed explanation for each and every question and Bikram Ballav sir for his wonderful mock tests and awesome explanation to the answers .
 I also would like to thank who have written awesome explanations like habib mohammad , praveen saini and to every contributor whose answers helped me to reach where I am now.

Rajesh - AIR - 164
rajesh170293 posted in 2017 Apr 13, 2017
I would like to thank all the members of GateOverflow for their vital role in my Gate preparation by extending their valuable support and help by solving my doubts, queries and encouraging fruitful discussion. I had relied highly on GateOverflow answers/materials for my Gate preparation. I would like to thank Arjun Sir for his great and selfish-less support to all the GATE aspirants. I have learned a lot from his answers and found them extremely useful. Even the day before exam there were few CO questions reading them and understanding his answer actually gave me more clarity. Not only his answers and explanation but also his tips and hints were very important. I still remember his words before exam when he said "From now on in 1 week reading new things or mugging up formulas wont help. Your score is almost fixed. If you are getting 60 try to make it to 70 and do not fall on 50. This can be done using a Good eye and peaceful mindset during examination". I had kept each and every word of yours in my mind. Although I could not execute them well in exam. I made two major mistakes and that cost me 4-8 marks ( Lack of peaceful mind and good eye ). I misread the KMAP question in hurry and two X's above and below mistakenly solved as 1's. And another example of number of control flows. Calculates 2*2*2*2... = 10 * 2. = 20 instead of 2^10. The point which I want to convey is how well you had guided people right from the explanation of answers, materials, TOC decidiability concepts, to the execution of paper in exam. Thank you Sir for your valuable time and great efforts in shaping our preparation. Next inline I would like to extremely thank Bikram Sir for his remarkable efforts of making GO mentor test series which are reliable and more closer to actual GATE then anyotther series. Also thank you Sir for solving so many of my queries on GO when GATE exam was approaching closer. And even after exam thank you Sir for providing platform and helping me in challenging Set-1 CN question. Those 2 marks were again very crucial. You are very approachable and thank you for your continuous guidance. There are so many other aspirants that I would want to thank including Habib, Debashish, Sushant, Srestha for their great efforts and helping me in solving my doubts. Thus just to wind up I may not have achieved this success without all your efforts, help and support.

Thank You All,

yg92 posted in 2017 Apr 12, 2017
by yg92
I am Amit Sadashiv Patil, GATE 2017 AIR 31.

GO played a wonderful uplifter in my GATE preparation. All what I wanted to mention is already done by most of the toppers.

My feelings are not so different from them.

I thank all GO team and especially to Arjun sir for such a big support.
AmitPatil posted in 2017 Apr 6, 2017
Hey friends and all the aspirants of GATE 2018

I SUMIT KUMAR GUPTA,  AIR 88 In Gate 2017,  wants to share some of my experience, the flavour of my journey to all of you.

Friends first of all best wishes for all of you to opt the way to crack GATE. Really this decision would lead you to reach your dreams soon.

I also chose the same like you in 2015 , when I was in 3rd year.  I was not much aware of so much thing so I joined coaching but in final year when I wanted a trusted and helpful guidance and material for self study, soon, I came to know the MOST AMAZING AND TRUSTABLE source of preparation that is GATEOVERFLOW. yes, friend, it is no doubt best place to prepare.

you all come across a plenty of doubts and confusion during study or revision where you need some trusted and easily available source to whom you could believe and follow, friends at that time no other thing except GATE OVERFLOW would be better.

here you only needs to type your question there are so many brilliant and experienced minds to help you at the instant . and in most of the cases, your doubt would be already there with a good solution.

So dear aspirant if you are taking benefit of this platform no need to shift to other places just follow this one.

beside website doubt content, you must join FB group to get updates and queries of people in your news feed so that it make you scroll some beneficial material with your entertaining FB time.

and please don't forget to take its 2-3 test at last time to judge you and boost you before final battle because you will find a different type of question set here that will be available nowhere.

Sumit Gupta 2 posted in 2017 Apr 3, 2017

So, Finally it comes to write a testimonial after writing answers, asking questions, comments here.

I must say that CS students are extremely lucky/fortunate to have GO for GATECSE preparation. So, first thanks to @Arjun Sir, for creating this platform, maintaining GO and answering queries even now.

Although there is GO book for past year problems but i preferred solving questions from Gateoverflow because of discussions here. Those discussions gave me answer to many related questions that didn't came to me.

Many points in my notes are from answers and comments here.

Thanks GO for providing right solution to many Test Series Questions and correcting questions itself at various occasions. Thanks for Rank Predicter due to which Final Result wasn't a big surprise.

Thanks Dhananjay, for helping me with my stupid doubts when i was new to GO around aug'16. ( I can remember commenting @vijaycs in every question when i was new ). Thanks Anirudh, Habib, Debashish and Kapil for your great answers and your special help to my silly messages. and how can i forget Sushant, Prajwal, Rajesh, Shobhit and srestha for your help.

To GATE18 onwards aspirants I must say : A doubt is a doubt. Get it cleared at earliest. Don't hesitate to ask even a simple query. (don't think what other users will think of you)

Thanks Gateoverflow !! It feels great to be $\tt  AIR-28$ as a final year EE undergrad. I can say for sure that without Gateoverflow the outcome of GATE'17 journey wouldn't be what it is today.

$\bf  \color{green}{(:\; Jio\; gave\; free\; net\; and\; this\; GO\; gave\; free\; knowledge\; :)}$

mcjoshi posted in 2017 Apr 1, 2017
by mcjoshi

Hello, everyone,

This post is not about advising or telling preparation strategy or motivating future aspirants.

Here I am just going to share my short story behind attempting CS Gate’17 and eventually joining this Gateoverflow platform.

I am a B.Tech graduate from NIT-Silchar in Mechanical Engineering ($2011-2015$). While I was in $3$rd or $5$th semester of my engineering I was attracted towards programming and algorithms. One of my ECE friend advised me to practice algorithmic questions from CLRS. At that time I enjoyed those topics but I was having no idea what I am going to do with my newly found interest in programming. Anyway I continued studying only programming and some standard algorithms.

It was in the year of $2015$, when I was placed in some MNC in mechanical area in the month of January, and then I got a lot of free time to seriously study more CS topics, like basics of compilers, some number theory etc. This time I was deeply involved in CS and read about different areas in computer science through various online sources. So,towards the last days of college, I finally made my decision of attempting Gate computer science in upcoming year (btw was not sure when).

In $2015$, May - June after leaving college, I studied computer organization subject from Patterson and Hennessy along with one youtube video series. It was a nice self learning experience. In the month of July, I came to Delhi and Joined in that EPC company.

While I was doing my job I completely lost touch with CS subjects. Btw I bought all CS books with my first salary :). Somehow I managed to read few chapters from Galvin, Kenneth, some NPTEL lectures on OS+CO. And my study sources were mostly books. No prev. gate QS + no coaching at that time.

I knew that, with my current situation I was nowhere near the GATE preparation, with most of the subjects untouched. I was not aware of Gatesce resources at that time.I was getting a bit tensed in the month of December'15 and January’16 regarding my future career along with my current job in mechanical.

Some days passed, 2016 gate was over. That ECE friend did prepare at home and scored AIR-294. He told me to use Gatecse and Gateoverflow.

In the month of February, I decided to join made-easy so that I could speed up my preparation in CS and complete GATE syllabus in time. I started using gateoverflow in this month. Coaching started and it was becoming rigorous after one month. I found myself in a critical situation with job schedule and new topics every day.

Because of some reason I had to resign from the job in the month of April 2016. Now I got ample amount of time to study new subjects and solve problems related to gate for the first time in my life. The joy and happiness I felt was beyond expression.

From the month of July I started regularly visiting Gateoverflow website. I found it very useful. But here is the fact regarding Gate overflow with respect to me. I never took gate overflow as a path to success in Gate. Rather I consider it in two ways : One : A source of learning computer science, because every time whenever I searched few pages in here, I found a lot of new topics that I had never touched. As I explored more in gateoverflow, I learned a lot of new topics in short span of time. Second : A way to express myself. This second reason is the perfect reason why I am writing this post today. Every Time I wrote some answers I got deeply involved in it and described it in the most natural way a naive learner would think of solving a question. At that time my knowledge was limited in CS and picked only a few Questions to answer.

In this process, I met some nice people. Manish, Kapil, Srestha, Shiva, Shushant, ManojK, Akriti, Vijaycs, Anusha, Shobhit, Sachin, Uddipta and many more. With some of them I interacted a lot till the month of december. Thank you ALL.

For me Gateoverflow became my own little facebook :). Irrespective of Gate outcome, I learned a lot from all the active GO users with their optimal answers and useful comments.

The person I must need to thank: Arjun Sir. He inspired me a lot. And I learned a lot from his answers of previous gate questions. Despite of his schedule, he is also very active on this site.Thank you Sir.

I sincerely thank the people behind this site creation and Bikram Sir for providing us with quality GO test papers.

This year I attempted GATE in CS SET-$1$. I attempted more than $70$ but, we all know mistake happens and that brought down my actual score to $59 - 3 = 56$. Finally, I got a rank $383$.

I also thank all go contributors who helped me in one or other way during last year.

Finally, I would like to say that, everything starting from computer science subjects + coaching + gateoverflow + writing answers , all these started in $2016$ and  most importantly my passion in CS and all these prevailed throughout the entire year. Thank you all and hope that I will be able to contribute more in upcoming years.




dd posted in 2017 Apr 1, 2017 edited Apr 1, 2017 by dd
by dd

Thanks Bikram sir for encouraging me to write this .

Yes , I needed encouragement . I never thought a person having Gate AIR 297 can motivate anyone . 

First let me tell you about myself, I am one of those students,who doesn't have any long term goal in life . Seriously before my in CS I never thought about, and in IITs ,never ever . 

So ,I heard about GATE in my second year .I was in college hostel ,where I saw one of my senior Suman Da preparing for GATE14  day and night .May be that created the first petal of my dream (may be small but for me it was a dream).So following his path me,with some of my friends joined a coaching institute in third year . But none of us was serious enough and the expected result in Gate16 AIR 3000+. Some of my friends had  great ranks in Gate16.


But one day something happened ,I don't know what exactly happened but I clearly remembered that made me feel ,I never had any goals ,Only one dream I have to protect it .I read most of the blogs of toppers and mainly the persons blog who dropped year after year to achieve their dreams and seriously if that is the main motivation then there is no replacement of GATE OVERFLOW. Mentors like Arjun sir, Bikram sir are awsome to motivate you .

I made my mind that I will sit for GATE 17 if not a good rank than GATE 18 .I talked with my parents, my professors and they also supported me.


Here comes the main part preparation and I think mental preparation is the main thing, which I already had .But for study preparation I tried to follow the 10% rule.Make notes of everything you read, because that will be needed in last two months .So prepare everything before November 15, start  tough subjects in middle of preparation and yes of course download GATE OVERFLOW book of questions and solve it beside your textbook preparation . The best part about GO book is you can practice topic wise and please don't leave it for last because there are a lot of practice test you have to take in last two months .So never leave the GO book for last else you may not get enough time and you will be depressed .Start taking tests from october 1st week ,I started it november 1st and missed a lot of tests.So I advice you not to repeat same mistake I have made.For test there are a lot of free test and some paid tests chose wisely .

Last week

The most critical week of my life till now . Each day ends so quickly and the pressure was tremendous.I left the job of an MNC which was very hard for me to get .I did not know what to do if I fail .I read motivating posts from GO talked with my Maa ,Baba. They all tried their best to made me feel positive .

Last Night 

I finished all of the tasks I have to do before 10PM, the exam was 2PM of next day .May be it sounds weird but that night I really didn't know I have slept or not but my eyes was closed . I wake up 5AM , prayed, re-read some important formulas (of the questions that gate repeats for its own bad habit )and left for Gitobitan at 11.

Exam hall 

Prepare a proper plan for those 3 hours ,if you don't then it's up to your luck . For mine plan was, 180 to 160 aptitude,160 to 120- 1 mark questions ,120 to 50 - 2 marks . Then revise .Revise priority 2 marks first , then aptitude then 1 marks ,But still exam pressure made a shortage of 20 minutes for mine .I have done a whole lot of silly mistakes ,which may be corrected if I had those 20 minutes . So plan accordingly .

Above all thank you all GO team , and specially Bikram sir ,Arjun sir and Habib Dada ,others also (If I missed anyone sorry)

Though the journey seems small but it was great for me .

I don't know  how much I can help anyone .But if you have any issue I will try my best to help .

Thank you ,there is a long way to go before death.


Prasanta Roy posted in 2017 Mar 31, 2017

Hello everyone,

I got AIR 302 in GATE 2017. So, here's my GATE journey and experience on this awesome community.

I was introduced to GATE Overflow last year by one of my friends who is doing M.Tech in IIT Kanpur. It was around the time when IISc Bangalore released the answer key for GATE 2016, and everyone was predicting their rank in the GO App. Yes, 2016 was my first attempt, and I got AIR 3935 in that. Once I predicted my rank, I knew what was coming, and decided to drop an year and reappear next year.

My Preparation: I had a habit of reading textbooks during semesters. While the rest of my friends read the University Question Bank before exams, I used to read textbooks. So, I had finished majority of the textbooks (Galvin for OS, CLRS for Algorithm, some part of Forouzan for CN etc) during B.Tech itself. But I was not motivated to take GATE. As a result, I didn't practice anything, didn't take mock tests and simply went for GATE 2016. The result was a 4 digit rank.

I started my GATE 2017 preparation from 2nd April, 2016. This time I focused more on practice. Since, I had read some textbooks already during B.Tech, I didn't read them again. Instead, I filled up the blanks in my preparation from online lectures, NPTEL, Ankur Gupta notes etc. I finished my syllabus by September end. During the last 4 months, I solved all previous GATE questions thrice, and attempted mock tests to master time management skills and accuracy.

Exam Day: I got Set-1. One thing I learnt from the test series is not to panic on stressed situations. It worked for me. But since Set-1 was a bit tricky, my attempts were low (47/65) because I spent some extra time on few questions (like RSA Algorithm question).

Its okay, everyone cannot get into top 100. But I had learnt few lessons that day.

My GateOverflow Learnings: I started using GATE Overflow full fledged from October. I used to post my doubts (maximum silly, a few very good) and got answers within hours. One of my problems initially was that I couldn't take criticisms. So, whenever someone downvoted my answers/comments, I used to hide those (There is a Hide option for everything you post). GateOverflow gradually helped me in overcoming my that problem, and I am thankful to the members for the same.

Thank you Arjun Sir, for your so precise explanations. Thank you Bikram Sir, for your support. And I didn't wish to write a blog (because I was a bit disturbed because of my rank. A little better would have kept me on a safe side). Thank you Bikram Sir, for motivating me yesterday to write it.

Samujjal Das posted in 2017 Mar 31, 2017 recategorized Apr 4, 2017 by Samujjal Das

I am a Final Year Electronics and Telecommunication student with a decent AIR of 242 in my first attempt with 5 months and 15 days of dedicated studying.


Let me start from the top - 

I was planning to apply for masters in the US and infact gave my GRE and TOEFL as well. I wanted to do my masters in Computer Science but being an electronics student the only way I could apply was via ECE branch and take additional credit courses, but any ways coming to the point during my internship while browsing through top colleges for masters in India I stumbled upon Ravi Shankar's blog ( AIR-1 2015) and his journey from changing his branch from Mechanical to Computer Science, that is where I got to know IIT's allow students to apply to any field.

So I started my preparation for computer science from scratch from August. I read through all preparation strategies from toppers I tried to build my own plan from that.This where Gateoverflow helped me THE MOST !! . I read through every possible answer of Arjun Sir on Quora and Gateoverflow ( I literally stalked him :P ) and after I came back from my internship in August , I studied (10 Gate Subjects + 5 Semester Subjects) in 6 months time.

The one thing I really grasped from Arjun Sir's blogs was to be Conceptually Clear in everything you solve, the every why and how matters.So my aim in this little time was not to solve as much as possible but rather understand the why in every question I solve. Bikram Sir also helped me alot in the last crucial months of my preparation. 

So, From stumbling across Ravi Shankar's blog , Stalking Arjun Sir, Maintaining 93% attendance in college , getting my heart broken (story for another time :P ) and passing my semester exams in these 6 months. I couldn't have even qualified if Gateoverflow wouldn't have been there. So a BIG THANK YOU To All OF YOU !!

I could have scored more ( lost 6.67 marks to silly mistakes) but then again every other person reading this blog feels the same way. So that's just makes it Fair :)

If I could score a decent rank against all odds. So can you. DO NOT GIVE UP till the time you come out of the Examination Hall.

AIR - 242 


Harsh181996 posted in 2017 Mar 31, 2017
I am an ECE, B.Tech pass out from NIT-Jamshedpur. A long story behind why I switched to CSE that I will tell in another post. First of all, salute to @Arjun sir for providing this platform. Bikram Sir and You are so so good in so so many ways. Thanks for being so generous to our each silly doubts and showed a lot of patience. This online community played a key role in GATE preparation especially for the students like me who do preparation from home without having a suitable GATE environment. Most of the GO test paper are really balanced with a good number of quality question, so big thanks to @Bikram sir for making test series possible. And thanks sir for your suggestion on avoiding my silly mistakes( But did 4-5 question silly mistakes in core section and could score 4.66 / 15 in aptitude ..:( my bad ). I didn't know about TIFR before but after seeing the question here with great ans, I even tried TIFR 16-17 and fortunately got selected in written test ( Interview is on 6th of April ). Irrespective of my GATE result, I learnt a lot just by reading answers and comments. Whenever needed any resource, helped a lot and with some important previous year statistics as well.  Thanks, @Praveen sir for giving the proper solution in TOC and Digital.
Finally, I want to thank all GO members who helped me in one or another way.

AIR - 265.
vijaycs posted in 2017 Mar 31, 2017
by vijaycs
A year ago if someone has said to me that I'm going to get this result I wouldn't have believed them, hell I wouldn't have believed it myself 4 months ago. Because before December 20, the day since I started using GO for preparation or I should say I actually started my preparation I was not even prepared for qualifying the exam. It was GO that took me from 5000 rank like preparation to 5.

I think what makes GO great is the community. You can find answers to questions from numerous sources but GO is the only place where you can contradict those answer, get contradicted and have a productive discussion where no matter if you were right or wrong before but you will end up better informed after. In the 50 days that I used GO I have asked a lot of questions some may be stupid or too easy for others but remember gate is an easy exam and all those stupid and basic questions you skip today will haunt you on the day of the exam. So my only advice to other aspirants is, don't be afraid to ask.  Ask for help and there always be someone to help you here at GO.

Thank You GO for all the help...

Pankaj Joshi,

AIR - 5, Gate 2017
Pankaj Joshi posted in 2017 Mar 31, 2017 edited Mar 31, 2017 by Pankaj Joshi

My journey towards AIR 39!!

I would like to start by thanking the person whose guidance made the journey pleasant and interesting, Arjun Suresh Sir. I believe it’s the legacy that he is continuing. As Lord Krishna guided Arjun during war similarly Arjun Sir is guiding all of us during our war.

I would also like to thanks Bikram Sir and other GO members for their contribution in my journey.

Students asked me whether to join a coaching institute? Which institute should I join?

I believe there are two ways you can gain knowledge.

  1. Read all the reference textbooks. Do everything by your own.
  2. Learn from those who are already master in it.

There are pros and cons of both. From textbooks, you get exact information but effort and time needed is more. To minimize your effort, you can get the guidance from GateOverflow. On the other part, from the coaching institutes you get required information and guidance in relatively less time.

I would like to say that it totally depends on you.

I chose mix and match of both the options. There is nothing bad in either of the option. As I said it varies from person to person.

Many candidates asked me about the strategy.

I believe,

Success is an iceberg! Yeah, that’s right.

For people, success seems to be small and easy from outside but they don’t realize the dedication, hard work, good habits, disappointments, sacrifices, failure and persistence behind it.

To achieve a good rank, first thing you need is a good time table then you have to follow it accordingly till the exam date.

I had a fixed time table. My day started at 6 am and ended at 11 pm. Also, it’s important to give priority to health. I used to workout daily for 2 hours.

Coming to the studies part. I completed the syllabus in two and a half months and then started the real part that is practicing and revising. I daily studied for 6 to 8 hours. Note that here ‘daily’ is important aspect, number of hours depends on the individual.

At the end, I would like to say don’t follow anyone. Everyone has their own strategy that suits them and may not suit you. So set your own time table, your boundaries and work smarter. All the best!!

Kantikumar posted in 2017 Mar 30, 2017
GATE CSE is an exam where the more you learn and relate things, the more questions your mind develops, and only a healthy discussion can help firm your understanding of such concepts. GateOverflow community helped me exactly that way. Each and everyone here has a thing or two to teach you and the answers by veterans and mentors simply put all doubts to rest. You don't need any coaching if you know how to use GO. Saying that, if you are interested, here's a little advice from me : Don't just check the best answer to a question, grasp it and move on; read all the comments (especially if they are by veterans) and other solutions and develop a coherent understanding as to why that particular concept is applied to that particular question. Helps a lot in subjects like CN, CO.

A big THANK YOU to ARJUN SURESH sir and the whole team for their selfless and tireless efforts. And a personal THANK YOU note to BIKRAM BALLAV  sir for helping out personally.

Ishita Gupta ; AIR 248 (GATE 2017)
Ishita Gupta posted in 2017 Mar 30, 2017
Greetings!!! I got AIR-172 along with final year. Yes i know its not under 100 , but that's a different story . But a big part of this was all possible because of Gateoverflow. As everyone know that it provides a great platform for all the queries, but apart from that it helped me to do the things in the right way. There are some amazing people in this community that will affect you in positive way and will help to achieve your dream. Where education is becoming a means of business and where cracking exams is more important than learning , Gateoverflow is providing far more better resources and guidance than anyone and i learned a lot in this journey. For GATE preparation you should trust only 3 things:- yourself , Reference books and gateoverflow .

Thanks to Arjun Sir and all the contributors of  Gateoverflow .
Sanket_ posted in 2017 Mar 30, 2017
by Sanket_
I joined Gate overflow last yr this time and I am active here from September.What I found here best is its reliability of Answers.Most of the questions are discussed by all aspirants.So it is such a platform which is open for arguments and asking questions till you have any doubt.And that I found very impressive about it.And many will be agreed with me that those comments and discussions made many doubts clear.

For previous year questions also this is the best source to follow as there is no other book available in market(I checked all) which is as accurate as GO.So this is a great initiative by Arjun Sir and other experts to open up such a platform to build much more stronger concepts.

So my message to future aspirants is be active here,read as much questions as u can,post those questions you facing tricky,discuss and clear ur doubt.

Thank You...

Kishalay Das

AIR-37,Gate 2017;ISRO-SC Selected
KISHALAY DAS posted in 2017 Mar 30, 2017
AIR: 72.

I'm originally from ECE branch. Preparing for GATE in a separate branch within 10 months felt like an impossible task at first. Fortunately in the early days itself I somehow got introduced to GO. The real strength of the GO platform lies in the brilliant community and Moderators ( specially Arjun Sir, He's made this site the best resource and discussion forum for everyone who decides to prepare for this exam seriously). I referred ME notes, joined a coaching for some time in Bangalore, joined ACE and ME test series, but nowhere have I found the rigor which you can find in the GO community. Every answer will be debated and discussed pertaining to it's foundational basics. There would be no hand waving, you won't be asked to just remember some random formula. Everything would be formulated from the very basics. I've seen several past GATE questions which seem too complicated. If you check those answers in any of the Coaching Institutes books, you'll see how easily they go around the important details. But if you review the same answers in GO, you'll see how much effort has been put in getting the answers. Thanks a lot Arjun Sir. If it wasn't for this platform I'm reasonably confident the preparation would have been hell for me and I very highly doubt I would have got a decent rank.
Kai posted in 2017 Mar 30, 2017
by Kai