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Hi i just want to ask if i am scoring 40 to 45% marks in made easy FLT s and my rank is near about 200 -250 where 1000 students have appeared what could be my gate rank as per previous year student experiences? a silly q though but i wnt to know!
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Statistically it would be very bad, but statistics dont work in GATE rank. 

From what I have seen the marks are almost the same for a given rank every year in GATE. It went unusually high in GATE 2012- because 14 marks were given free for all. 

For your question, 40-45% mark is a very dangerous area- you should not be here. In next 2 weeks try jumping at least 10-15 marks. 45 marks might be around 1500 rank and every 1 mark can make hundreds of rank difference here. So, 1 questions going wrong here can take to rank 3000 even. This is the place where most "average" GATE takers are there who do not make that extra jump to go higher. One good thing is from 40-45% mark it is easy to get more marks and make a jump. Just check which subjects you are going wrong. Also, M.E. test and GATE are miles apart- you can get 15-20 marks more or even less. So, this comparison is useless and my suggestion is just based on same mark in GATE. For GATE, you can solve any of the previous GATE papers from 2010 and see how much you score. This is an approximate statistic:

Mark Rank Range Grade General Category Expected College
70-90 1-20 S IISc, top IITs
60+ 21-200 A IISc, top IITs
55+ 201-300 B top IITs in later lists
50+ 301-1000 B new IITs, top NITs, MS in IITs, IIITs
45+ 1001-2000 C IIITs, other top colleges
40+ 2001-5000 C Other colleges 

The top two rows almost get the same colleges but there is a huge mark difference. I expect all those repeating to be reaching right at top so that whatever happens in GATE you get what you want. 

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I gave 3 gate exams in home and my marks in ideal condition(as it is home) is such

gate 2012:   67-70

gate 2013-50

gate 2014 set 1:56

set2 48

and yeah ,in made easy always some question are wrongly explained which costs me 3-4 mark.last exam i crossed 50 and got +53.-3.3=49.7
What rank can I expect for 53 marks in SET 2, GATE 2017?
Solving previous year question paper will not give you accurate results since you might have seen most of the questions somewhere on this site, or your coaching's study material or any other place. So it will be easier for u to solve.
@Arjun sir are these stats valid now also ??? i think the ranks are valid but not the marks for  the rank
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