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In a digital system we have 120 control signals.In Operating Chart of this system (ASM Chart) we have 8 distinct condition. with inspecting the activity of micro operation shows we have reduced control memory bits with vertical micro instruction (nano memory)   into 14 bit. which of the following is correct:


1- microcode filed has 3 bits.

2- Size of nano memory is 2^10*120

3- in size of micro memory we can saved 2^10*110


Who can help in this previous exam question.
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in which exam it was asked?
Entrance Exam 2016 Adopted From GATE.
@praveen saini sir,  plz throw some light on this..

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Branch Condition=3bit Flag=0bit Control Signal=7bit Control Memory Adress=14bit

Vertical Control Word(VCW) Size=24 bit

Branch Condition=3 bit Flag=0bit Control Signal=120bit

Control Memory Adress=14bit

Horizontal Control Word(HCW) Size=137 bit

1) Size of nano memory i.e. VCM Size=16K X CW=16K X 24=2^10 X 384bits=48Kbytes
2)Size of Micromemory saved=HCM size-VCM size=(16K X 137)-(16K X 24)=113 X 16K bits=226K bytes
Statement 2 and 3 are false and I dont know about First statement
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+1, Is it possible to state some facts about your schema?

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