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hello everyone ,I need some data for a project i am working on as a part of my course Human centered Computing at CSE IITK,

Data will remain anonymous. 

whole process will not take more than 15-20 minutes.

1. Install "Call Log Export" from play store (app link -
Export the file to your drive folder or email yourself,download the file callLog.csv in a folder

You can anonymise the numbers by using python script that i have attached(
place callLog.csv and in any folder and run :python or python3
This will generate newcallLog.csv which contains id0,id1 in place of phonenumbers.
you can also directly give callLog.csv and i will run anonymising script at my system.

hide_numbers. py download from :

2.Install "AppList" from play store (app link -
open app, at top right corner select option 'Export all data as JSON' save to a file or google drive folder.
It will be saved as applist.json.

3.give a Personality Test(10 minutes) at
at the end select No thanks,just show my result
create a text file scores.txt containing 
scores from test:


and your gender:

3.Add newcallLog.csv, applist.json and scores.txt to a folder,name folder with your name (or any other fictional name if you want to stay anonymous eg ninja01) and add it to the drive folder that we have shared.

for any doubts you can contact us at [email protected] or ping me at

posted Apr 20, 2017 in Others by Loyal (8,025 points)
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@Anurag, I Hope d link doesn't contains virus. I m going for ur Data Collection. :)
He is an authentic member and is using official email id. So, no need to worry :)
@Arjun Sir, Okay Sir. :)
@Anurag, Ur File takes hours to export. :(
hours? No , both files will take hardly 1 min (app installation + file export),quiz takes arround 5-10 minutes

let me know where you are facing issue,ping me

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