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"Nothing in life that is worthy is ever hard to  acheive if you have the courage to try and have the faith to beileve"  Wilma Rudolph  one of the most influential women in sports was diagonosed with POLIO at the age of 4 this affected her legshe had wear brace on her left leg, doctors told her that she would never be able to walk normally again, fortunately that a wilma had a mother who  said to her that all she need to do is to have faith ..if you have faith god will make it happen she said ....

she entered every race and in every race she came in last, people begged her in the name of pity to quit but she did not, and there came a day when she won the race and from then on she won the evry race that she ran,,,,,,,she became the first american woman to win 3 GOLD MEDALS at single OLYMPLIC GAME...wilma broke many barrier's of disbelief and overcome many unreachable obstacles..they say faith can move mountains..wilma personified it...FAITH force that is greater than any knowledge, power or skill and many defeats turn into trial if you trust into god's impartial has no limit it is boundless provided you have the intense desire...once lord krishna and arjuna were walking together..during mahabharta...lord krishna was watching the bird in the sky..and he asked arjuna,,,is that a dove..arjuna answered yes lord it is a dove...lord krishna then said may be it is an eagle...arjuna replied yes it is an eagle but arjuna it looks  crow to me said lord krishna...
arjuna again agreed by saying...yes indeed it is a crow my lord..being amused by this..lord krishna asked the arjuna why he conquered the every word he said..
and what arjuna replied was indeed a remarkable sign of discipleship..arjuna said lord  your words are far more important then..what my own eyes sees..he has faith in his master..our senses have limited capacity but faith shows us the limit less.. faith see's the invisible, beileves  the incredible and recieves the impossible...god says faith should be like mountain which can not be moved by any person or circumstance...
god didn't promised days without pain ,laughter without sorrow,,,or sun without rain but he did promised strength for the day...comfort for the tears..and light for the way ...
we may have heard of various stories in history...where disciples proved there faith...lets take the pledge....we will reach to such heights that generations to come will speak up..we will be living example ....rather example..of immovable, unmatchable, insormountable faith..bcoz faith is the mover of mountain ...there is nothing that god cannot start out today with faith in heart ..and climb until your dream comes true...

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Nice :) :)  well done was actually needed at this point of time by Many

HardWork + Faith = Success for sure

Hardwork already done & now Time for Faith ....Never distrust your instincts & make it your Strength


thanks again bro
Nice.. Blogs should have a vote up option :(
yes sir
arjun sir ..the blog notifications r also not visible to me..u must checkit..if sum1 comments it doesn't show in my notifications...plz update this also..
Notification should be fine now :) But voting may take time..
ok sir..
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