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IIT Bombay (MTech RA) written test this time has only Programming test. No GATE based aptitude test was conducted. There were a total of 28 RA positions (including institute RA's).

Test date : 18th May, 2017

Language : C or C++

Q-1: A table of employees with their respective salaries and supervisors was given. Now, we want to increment the salary of an employee but the new salary of the employee must be less than his boss's salary, otherwise either the boss's salary has to be incremented, or else we cannot increment that particular employee's salary.  [5 marks]

Q-2: 'N' people cast their votes for an election. Number of contestants were given. Find the winner of the election.  [5 marks]

Q-3: Assume a string consists of only small alphabets. Print only the distinct alphabets in the given string. And if there is something else except letters, print "error".   e.g  If string is "xxxx22yy" , output should be " xy error".  [10 marks]

Q-4: To print the reverse of a complete sentence.  [10 marks]

Q-5: A graph question was there. We have to have everything as input, like Number of vertices, number of edges, end vertices of each edge etc, and a number 'n'. Then in the undirected graph so formed, remove all vertices having degree larger than 'n' and output the remaining number of vertices.  [20 marks]

Q-6: A question about finding line intersection or something.  [20 marks]

P.S: Anybody who gave the test and remembers the exact questions, please feel free to edit or suggest.



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What was the gate cut off?
It was rank 571. So that is 720 score I guess.
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