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On a positive side, I guess 70% weightage is for written. So those who are at border any way stands less chance of being selected unlike Research interviews at IITs. Also ISRO shows how much they are interested in Computer Science -- so those who are interested in CS better not join there.

@ Arjun  sir , Final Selection is on the Basis of Interview Performance only . (As per Official Notification)

Actually no weightage for written. Selection based on interview only. But  as you rightly said ISRO gives more importance to electronics and mechanical students and even their paper stilll has errors in the final key.
Yeah sir I think mostly PSUs are not interested in CSE students recruitment may be they still don't realize the importance of it and clear result reflects on their great websites and digital procedures.
But they will realize the fact that we are slowly moving to a digital world, and cse students are off atmost importance as we can adapt to changes much faster.
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