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Hi guys, just wantedbto share something with you. Most of us find maths as a 'just on paper' thing and so, somewhat boring (no offense). That's almost true, provided you have never approached it in a practical way. But, here's something I found today while surfing. It turns out to be a damn good website for boosting up the interest in Mathematics. Main focus of the organization is on discrete but still they will roam you through the interesting history and future applications. Thought it will be a good suggestion for gate aspirants.

Here's the site:

For graph theory, chekout

Hope, it cheers you a bit.

(P.S. - I am not anyone's promotion agent. I just found the content useful, that's why took my time out to write this :) )
posted Nov 15, 2015 in Study Materials by Active (2,613 points) | 503 views
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