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@Arjun Sir, I am a final year student and I am getting 47 marks in gate in ST category. I think, I will be easily able to get the IIT'S , but the actual doubt is: My coding skills is very poor , it is below average because my logical thinking is not good.I have tried several times to improve my coding, but failed So, I want to know, should I join IIT for M.Tech or not ?? Is their any field in CSE M.Tech, which does not involve coding . One more thing, I am not interested in teaching field.Should I quit computer Science field because I lack coding skills required? Please suggest me.
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u cannot avoid coding in computer science instead of raising ur hands up and giving up  try to learn it atleast now  else i think it will be difficult to get a job almost every field in computer science involves coding bro

all the best
I have already tried many times in sites like Codechef or Hackerearth, but I am not able to solve the problems. Theoretically, I know required concepts of language,but not able to implement the code. I am an average student not having good logical skills.

               After reading your answer, I think ,I have no other option than quiting computer science because I think, I will not be able to survive in product based companies. I am in  very much confusion..what to do?

Sonu Kumar 1 is your only dream is to code for a company? if yes then why quit? if no then why you gave efforts for 47 marks? you know the answer better than anyone 

Giving up is always an easy option. Instead of quitting find ways to improve it.
Its not necessary that you need to be a world class coder. Start now, you will definitely improve gradually.
Don't lose such a wonderful opportunity to be in IITS.
Also leave this mentality of yours that you aren't good in this or that ,it is doing more harm then anything else.
Try improving, it would always help.
All The Best !!!

Don't give up... you can gradually improve
if your are weak in coding 1st try to solve easy examples on c/c++ , why youre going to codechef
sumit is exactly right?

no one born to be a coder!!!
everybody is afraid of big codes... trust me

but it is inside your head... first reprogram your brain then only you will be able program/code/think logically

i bet you , you never tried enough!!!

you think writing down 20-30 codes and you fail to improve , so it is not your cup of tea? are you serious?

a coder write EVERYDAY 20-30 codes in piece of paper like that throws it in the DUSTBIN

you want be a CODER first try out to patient,!! A CODER NEVER QUITS. NEVER! WHETHER you are coding in the right direction the problem needs to be solved or in the opposite direction, never matters , coders do not quit, be honest with yourself, i bet you You did not try enough !!! it take years to be a good coder bro, it is not easy !!!!

listen to me once if you feel, try out every single day just one hour, to think and write in a piece of paper and most importantly to execute it in the compiler!! if you are determined enough and build your HABIT OF CODING EVERYDAY, i bet you in 30 days you will fall in love with coding and you yourself will start coding at least 2 hours a day, Coding is a habit bro, that you need to built and it is inside your "HEAD", i CAnnot code, yes you can , you did not try enough and you quit !

Try again !!!
man you got 47 marks in highly tough exam like gate and you say you cannot code??....I know people from non cs background now coding in industry...infact you can learn coding by not learning anything in highly advanced mathematical stuffs...people from msc phy,chem,biotechnology background are doing coding in industry since that is almost the main employment in India..Just try easy problems from back of any book in your favourite language and do 1 problem everyday....Also better to install an IDE..the first thing when you dont get desired result is to put a breakpoint and debug...
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