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hi i have a gate score of 424 and i belong to obc ncl . can i get any iit ?
posted Feb 27 in Others by (127 points) | 645 views


No bro not in old iits. Sorry to disappoint you.

But you can still try the new iits.
Can i i g new iits ?

Should i go for coaps counciling bro ?

What nits can i get upto the nsr ?

Are nits good to do mtech ?

Plz answer the questions bro thanks you
Very difficult to get iits(new,old), and the top 4 nits.

you can still try in other nits.

No, only the top 4 are good rest are not as they can neither guarantee good placements nor good research.
What about nit kurukshetra and nit Jalandhar bro ?

Can i get them ?

Are they good ?

Plz respond
you can try till nsr, but i not so sure.
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