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Thanku For Sharing
no photograph in IIIT-H admit card!!..If anyone has similar problem mail immediately with photograph.This time seems like computer based exam.
Is ISRO very particular about having NOC during the time of the exam .. ?
Last time , it was told that we have to carry photocopies of our marksheets ..
but no one at the exam hall verified the same ..

Will it be the same for NOC as well .. ?
I have Same Dobt Last Time They never Checked  But My Friends Other Centers Has Checked .i think Based On Examiner Decision ,What ever It  Is In Hallticket Clearly Written Bring Copy Of Marks Sheet And Other Documents we Bring  it

i think they Dont Verify just Formalities Some Identity Purpose if Examiner Any Dobt About Particular Student  they check it  not All  students :)
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