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IIIT-Sricity conducted written test and interview for MS (Research) and Ph.D. programme.  I applied for MS (Research). The selection for written was based on Academic Records and work experience.



Written Test:
The written test had 6 question from CSE and 6 questions from ECE. CSE questions were from Maths (LA, Probability) and Core Computer Science (Programming, Recursion, Database, Logic). The questions were descriptive and we had to explain the solution in detail. I was surprised by the fact that the question paper for MS and Ph.D. was same.

Around 30 students have attended the interview. After the written test, 7 students were shortlisted for interview in CSE, 11 for ECE.



1. Introduce yourself
2. What are you good at?

3. What is Machine Learning?

4. Given a system with 8GB RAM, how many linked-list elements comprising of an int and char can you dynamically create?

(I answered this in number and later realized that it was a trick question to see concepts of OS, so I immediately changed my answer)

5. Write the solution of the classic GCD problem using recursion?
6. Now write it without recursion (because I did mistake in question 4)

7. We know that the merge procedure takes O(n) space-time? Can you give a solution to improve it further from O(n) to something less than O(n)?

8. At what pivot position do you think the Quicksort will work best? (trick again)

9. Explain some sorting algorithm that sorts in less than O(nlogn), preferably O(n) or O(1)

10. Given a set of words, sort them and assign ranks to them. Find the word with 7th rank.

(I don't remember this question exactly, but I tried solving it using python dictionary data structure. They were not impressed and told that there is no data structure called dictionary when it comes to research. Which means I had to solve it using standard data structures. I tried using hash-table etc. But they were not impressed with it either )

11. What is supervised and unsupervised machine learning?

Okay, you can go now. Thank you.

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How did you apply there?
did you get the offer? you know if that is yearly once or twice process for admission?

The notification came in March 2018
Applied Online.The notification came in March 2018

I did not get the offer. They selected 3 students only for MS in CSE
Tough luck.....all the best for next time...
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