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Hi Friends,In this post i am going to share my MS Interview Experience which was held on 15th may at IITK.

First we had to clear written and programming test,held on 14th may 2018 and common for all candidates.

You can find written test and programming questions in below post.

Remember,they had two categories for test Theory and system and you had to choose any one of them.

I choosed System.Questions were easy.Most of them were from CO,OS,DBMS and few from algo and C.

I done very well in both written and programming test.

In the evening we got list of shortlisted candidates for MS interview.I got shortlisted for the MS interview which was scheduled on next day 8:30AM.

Those who  applied only for MTECH were free to leave ,after programming test.

I wasn't that serious about the interview,because i heard that they have very limited seats for MS.

I woke up at 8:00 AM and rushed to the interview venue without an breakfast.

There were 50-60 candidated shortlisted for sytstem category and around 20-30 for Theory category.

My turn came at around 12 AM.

There were Three professors in Room,all of them were very polite and encouraging.

Interviewer:Tell us something about yourself.

Me:I Told about my educational background and Job.

Interviewer:What kind of work you do at job? And then some other simple questions related to job.


Interviewer:Have you passed all the test cases for both programming questions?

Me: said yes.They looked impressed with that.

Interviewer:What project you did in your you remember that?

Me:i said yes and told them that my project was about designing a online Kmap calculator.

Interviewer:Can you please explain that on white board.

Me:i explained them about gui part on board and also the algorithm that i used in that.

(After this i explained everything on white board till interview ends.)

Interviewer:What was the motivation for this project.


Interviewer:What are your favorite subjects and why?

Me:I said CO and OS and told them i was very interested in cpu design in and designed a 8-bit cpu from using only logic gates in a simulator.

(Again they were very impressed)

Interviewer:How can you implement a given FSM into the hardware?

Me:I took some time and told them by using combinational ckt.(may be sequential but i said combinational).

Interviewer:They gave me a FSM in truth table and asked me to design combinational ckt. for it?

Me:I designed it using i/p and o/p relationship.(i used these things when designing cpu).

Interviewer:Draw block diagram for the ckt.

Me:I drawn block diagram with the all input /output connections.

(Then there were some other basic questions related to modifications that we can do in that ckt.)

Interviewer:What is your favorite part in OS?

Me:I said process management.

Interviewer:How process starts?

Me:Told them that os first bring that process or part of the process in the MM.Then scheduler select process anI draw it and explain all the inputs and o/p.d assign cpu to it?

Interviewer:How cpu know address of instructions in process?

Me:In virtual memory system ,we have page table that translate LA to PA.

Interviewer:Where page table is stored?

Me:In Main Memory.

Interviewer:Can user Process access Page table entries?

Me:No,it is done in kernel mode.

Interviewer:so,every time we cpu access MM it need to switch to kernel mode to access page table?

Me:i wasn't sure but i said yes.

Then they discussed if any other professor wants to ask any question.

But all looked satisfied.And they asked me to leave.

After coming out from interview room,i was very sure that i will be get selected.

And ,in the end i got both and MS offers from IITK.

I will be going for

Please keep in mind that in any MS interview they have following structure

1.Job experience or project

2.Favorite subjects.(Prepare these subjects thoroughly from basics)

And also see the area where you are applying and choose subjects according to that.

I choosed os and co because i had selected system and i also got benefit of this.


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Congratulations. May I know your gate rank?
Cool. All the best :)
congrats Jatin and  thanks for sharing :)
Till what gate score does iitk call for written and MS written and interview?
Mtech - 450, MS - 800 for General

450? @balchandar reddy san You're talking about ranks right? 

@Jatin sir,Were you doing job or preparing full time

@Sasta_yoda Yes..Mtech Rank-450 and Gate score of 725; MS Rank-800 and Gate score of 675

But since this year the scores vs rank is very different, can we expect a call from iitk for any (Mtech or ms) at rank approx 900 and score 690
I don't think the cut-off for MTech will vary as they have only 75 seats..
Hi Jatin Sir,

Can you please elaborate difference between Theory and Systems.

Thanks in advance.
Then how Jatin sir got a call and finally got selected?
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