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My interview was on Third day (13th June,2018). There are 4 panels for CSE, named panel 11 to panel 14. I was in panel 14 and serial number allotted is 7 hence my interview was completed around 11:30 AM.


PS : This distribution of students in 3 days and 4 panels are totally random procedure. Don’t try to relate your exam performance with your day and panel and sequence number. now let’s go to the interview room.


There are three interviewers. As soon as I entered Interviewer2 asked to give my file and project report to Interviewer3.

Then interviewer2 started by reading my details, like from where I am, name of the college from where i’ve completed my B.Tech, my gate rank, my college cgpa etc.

(8th sem is running when I fill the form so that cgpa is upto 7th sem) I commented that final result is there and final cgpa is also there.

Interviewer1 : what is the reason of the increment in cgpa? Project work or some subject..

Me : final sem is project or internship.

Interviewer1 : so tell me about your project.

Me : answered.

Interviewer1 and 2 asked some question regarding project and related stuff eg : write in sequence all the system calls that client and server make for TCP\IP in socket communication?

Me: wrote on the board and explained.

Interviewer1: from your project it seem you are familiar with Dbms and OS.

Me: yes sir. I’m more comfortable with OS.(as I haven’t touched DBMS from long time and have good grip on OS)

Interviewer1: gave me a case => two process and one buffer. One process writes in buffer. Another take it and sort them and write back to buffer. First process again take sorted data. give a solution using mutex.

(the accents of professor is very different. I asked 4 times that I didn’t get the question)

After trying for many times i was able to give thme partial solution.

Then he handed over to interviewer2.


Interviewer2: do u know what is arithmetic mean?

Me : yes

Interviewer2: what is mean of first 5 even numbers?

Me: (calculated by hands in air and gave ans : 15 (shows complete nervousness) )

Interviewr2 : do u think mean resides outside the range?(all three laughed)

Me: wrote numbers on the board and gave ans.

Interviewer2: what is median of this numbers?

Me: same as mean.

Interviewer2 : what is mode of these series?

Me : i think no mode is present here bcoz mode is the number which occurs highest number of times in sequence.

Interviewer2: correct. Tell me that mean of any arithmetic series with odd number of terms and median of that series is same?

Me: maybe yes.

Interviewer2 : always?

Me: yes. It should be.

Interviewer2 : prove it on the board.

Me : (i don’t know how to prove this silly question and totally nervous but tried step by step and done it correctly)

Interviewr2: good. Thank you. You can go now.


It took almost 20-25 min.

Results declared on 20th : got selected for CSE
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only 3-4 question and 25 minutes? or you forget some questions??
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