I am a final year student at Vidyalankar Institute Of technology

GATE 2019 was my first attempt and I managed AIR 45 with a score of 78.33.

I didn't hear about GO nor was it referred to me but if you don't stumble across GO in your preparation journey, you might be on the wrong road. I joined a coaching classes in January 2018 but knew that, it won't be enough. I went through the resources given by the classes and gave the past questions book the highest priority. We learnt CN as the first subject and I started with it. I checked my solutions with the one given by classes but soon realized it was highly inaccurate. I decided to google the questions and there was it, the first link itself from GateOverflow. Then I was hooked. I used to confirm each question I solved by using a combination of google voice (Okay Google!) and GateOverflow. Just searching like literally 3 keywords from any question leads you to GateOverflow. I ran through the website and also saw the tutorial videos on how to use Go series (Very helpful). It had all the information needed to pursue GATE on your own. I continued my coaching but majorly followed the best resource videos for each subject. I also enrolled in Made Easy, Ace academy test series and solved the topic wise tests in abundance. Scores rose slowly but positively. I started solving full length tests from November and solved upwards of 50 (I wouldn’t say a time waste but surely not nessesary). My logic to solve so many tests (I know they can be irrelevant) was that each institute knows what to ask about a domain so if I dont know a concept which has been used in the test and its relevant I used to note it down. I was the person who finds reading and revising to be impossible so the tests were my revision method. It works like this, you stumble upon a question that you dont really know how to solve, you try to fit concepts you think might solve the problem, in doing so those concepts gets revised! Disadvantages of doing so, You make a freak ton of silly mistakes as you tend to stop reading each question properly considering you have already read similar questions properly.

I had kept every question of GATE 2018 from solving and I solved the paper. Solved the untouched paper on 31st December 2018. Got about 60.33 in that. If I had given GATE 2018 then my rank would have had been 250 aprox. It was a pretty positive and I had a month to improve on my score. To do that I bought the GO Pdf Hardcopy. I say a lot of thanks to people behind that book and also to them who had the idea of turning it into hardcopy. That book made me push myself to my current rank. It also made me score 74 in TIFR 2019.

Now some quick stats;

Coaching contribution: 25% (Classroom + Amazing friends + Amazing proffessors)

Test series: 25% (Made easy + Ace)

GO: 25% (All answer contributions + Resources + ……..)

Getting your ass to study everyday: 25%


I super greatful to all the professors in my college who were supportive of me to not sit for lectures and be so motivative. Amazing friends who supported me from college, my coaching buddies who kept me on my toes with healthy competetion AND all the people who contributed to GO and I learnt from them.

I didnt mention any names here as I will forget to mention someone or other without whom it wouldn’t be possible.

All the best to everyone who will be giving exams in future and congratulations to everyone who made it this time.

ps. If anyone will be applying to IIT B TA, do tell me as I plan to do the same.

O(^0^)O – the koala
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