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250 students got interview call for the 2nd round, out of which finally 7 got selected for this program.
Shortlisting criteria

3 rounds were taken- Aptitude test(about 23 got shortlisted, about 100 showed up), 1st Interview(13 got shortlisted) and in final interview 7 got offers.

1. Aptitude was an easier version of gate(only technical aptitude).

2. Two professors were there, who asked me for my CV(seldom it happens). They asked for my introduction and I think they were a bit impressed with that.
They asked what I did in 2017, after passing out and various general questions like why I didn't attempt Gate in 2017, did I take any coaching, etc.
After that, they asked me an algorithm question and told me to explain my logic on board. They asked me to calculate the time complexity of the solution I suggested. They looked a bit satisfied.

They then moved to Networks and asked lots of questions. The questions were a little bit practical rather than theories we have gone through while Gate preparation. Since I was not really good with that, I tried to explain whatever I knew and admitted that I don't have that much of practical knowledge(I would advice to not directly jump on to this "I don't know" thing).

They asked me questions related to OS like multithreading, multiprogramming, implementation of multithreading with socket programming, practical examples of where these techniques are used.
They also asked me to rate myself in coding out of 10 and about what was the biggest/challenging code I have ever written.

My interview lasted about 15-20 minutes and was not expecting to get shortlisted.
Results came and then here starts last round.

3. Three professors gave a small introduction to projects they were having vacancies in. We were supposed to enter our preferences.
Then the interview started and they asked me different questions related to core subjects the projects were in like- Networks, Compiler, and Computer Architecture.
I was asked if I have any other calls and I told them about IIITA. Since the offer acceptance date of IIITA and interview date of IITH were clashing, I took a risk.
(non-refundable 40K were already paid in NSR round, that is another part).
They asked me various HR type questions like about my preferences, etc. And they looked quite happy with my answers. (This time I didn't have any gut feeling of rejection).

Just the next day, results got announced and finally, 7 people got offers and efforts finally paid off!

Since I have gone through a long journey, before this little success, I have some suggestions for those who are willing to get through.
Ps. Toppers' suggestions can help you better to score exceptional, mine can just add on to them so that journey becomes worth remembering.

My suggestions would be:
1. Not to quit in between. Here I am talking about starting with full enthusiasm and planning to reattempt even before attempting.

2. No matter what comes to your way, don't ever lose your hope. Keep faith even when everybody loses it.

3. There is no substitute for hard work.

4. Hope in every opportunity that comes to your way, maybe that is where you belong.

I will try writing a blog on GO/ Quora about this journey, where an average scorer landed up in the best.
I wish you all the luck. Thanks for reading

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For general category, 75% in btech is must ?

@vishalshrm539, it's not a must. I had only 62.6% and I was offered admission for this one.

@akash mishra

I am asking for RA

@vishalshrm539 I got selected in Mtech RA fof winter admissions. I had only 62.6%. It may be different for Monsoon admissions tho.

@akash mishra

ok bro!!

Very helpful 

@Akash Mishra

sir if in june july one get some college via ccmt & took admission also..then in winter can one apply for winter RA admission in iith ? Will other institute allow to leave & take admission in other

Most probably afaik!
Jatin khachane 1, sorry, bro! I didn't see your comment earlier and it just came to my notice. You can join other college by leaving your current one anytime, provided you have the necessary documents. I didn't join IIT-H so I don't know it well but I think you'll need TC or CLC from your current college to do so.


I have a friend who was in IIT-Dhanbad but then joined IIT-H for the winter session (Jan-2019).
What is the expected date of  IIT H MTech RA written/interview for July session?

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