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B. Worst case for quick sort happens when $1$ element is on one list and $n-1$ elements on another list.
posted Apr 25, 2019 in Interview Experience Pooja Khatri 399 views
Sir , I still have 2 doubts regarding this.. 1)If semaphore mutex is binary semaphore and its initial value is 1....then what would be the value of mutex after executing signal(mutex)( bcoz if it do 1+1 then it would become 0 with a carry of 1)? ... by critical section followed by signal(mutex) or signal(mutex) occurs first by followed by critical section followed by wait(mutex) process Pn?
posted Jun 24, 2018 in Interview Experience rushitjasani 2,075 views
A computer has a $256\text{-KByte}$, 4-way set associative, write back data cache with block size of $32\text{-Bytes}$. The processor sends $32\text{-bit}$ addresses to the cache controller. Each cache tag directory entry contains, in addition to address tag, $2$ valid bits, $1$ modified bit and $1$ replacement bit. The number of bits in the tag field of an address is $11$ $14$ $16$ $27$
posted Jul 23, 2017 in Interview Experience neha.i 9,213 views
First we need to find different number of inputs for $f$ given that permutations are equivalent. Now given two binary string $x,y$: $x$ is a permutation of $y$ iff $x$ has same number of ones and zeros as $y$. So the total number of different inputs is n+1 ( namely input with ... $2^{n + 1}.$
posted Jun 24, 2016 in Interview Experience Arjun 4,831 views
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