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Q. 84 By seeing the question, we know the strings of form ab, aabb, aaabbb...... are not possible. Epsilon is also not possible. Now, just check the options with the string ab. Option A, B, C are generating ab. So, correct answer is D.
posted Jan 9, 2019 in Discrete Mathematics Harshada 827 views
A relation $R$ is defined on the set of integers as $xRy$ iff $(x + y)$ is even. Which of the following statements is true? $R$ is not an equivalence relation $R$ is an equivalence relation having 1 equivalence class $R$ is an equivalence relation having 2 equivalence classes $R$ is an equivalence relation having 3 equivalence classes
posted Jan 7, 2017 in Discrete Mathematics Amitesh Sharma 1,734 views
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