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Which of the following statements is true?

  1. ROM is a Read/Write memory

  2. PC points to the last instruction that was executed

  3. Stack works on the principle of LIFO

  4. All instructions affect the flags

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2 Answers

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It is (C).

Only the top of the stack can be accessed at any time. You can imagine a stack to be opened from only one side data structure. So that if we put one thing over the other, we are able to access the last thing we inserted first. That is Last in First Out (LIFO).

ROM is Read Only Memory.

PC points to the next instruction to be executed.

Not all instructions affect the flags.

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eg for 4th option is push pop instruction  does not affect flag status
Simple LOAD or STORE instructions don't need ALU cycle to execute and so they willnot affect flags like OVERFLOW,CARRY,ZERO,SIGN ...

@vickyrix draw some light on this question

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Ans: C
answered by Loyal (6.9k points)

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