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The process of selection for interview at BARC is first we have to qualify the written test conducted by BARC or we can also qualify by GATE score released by BARC. I qualified BARC written test as my GATE score was not that good. Total 98 students were selected for interview for Computer Science and I was one of them.

BARC TS Online Examination Score Cutoff :160.00(This varies every year).( My score was 183.60.The gate score cutoff was 880).

Although, I heard that in 2018 it was 130 (BARC TS Online Examination Score Cutoff ).100 students were called for interview, out of that, 8 students were finally selected for this program ( 700/1000 was my Interview Score where as Interview cut-off was 650).

After that we were given choices to select interview slot. I chose the one on 12th June in afternoon session. I reached BARC centre on 11th June and requested for the guest house which I got (During the interview, the weather ,the view of Anushakti Nagar was awesome, I was flattered (as I am from UP :):). On 12th June we had to reach the interview venue which was next to the guest house. So, I reached the auditorium 5 min before and got my documents verified, and then I was informed that my queue number is 9 and would have to wait for my chance.

My interview started at 03:12 pm and went on till 04:13 pm.

When I entered the room, there were 7 interviewers sitting along a semicircle.

I will denote the interviewers as I1,I2,I3,..,I7  from my left to the right in clockwise direction.

I greeted all of them and they offered me to sit. Then I4 asked me that you don't have your marksheet of 3rd and 4th year why?

I explained (They laughed, I don't know why?).

Then directly I4 asked me to write some 4-5 subjects I'm confident in, on the blank sheets. I wrote Compiler, Data Structure and C Programming, Algorithms, Operating System. Then they said that they were OK  with these subjects.

He asked I7 to start with Compiler. The interviewer didn't ask me direct questions. He started confusing me right from the beginning.

I will try to explain what he actually wanted to ask instead of confusing you all.



How to make a tree for any given expression(working of syntax analyzer)?

In how many ways can we represent an intermediate code, explain with an example?

During the construction of DAG how do we manage to maintain the partially made DAG to check repetition. (Which data structure do we use and how do we maintain it) I was very confused as they were adding there conditions as i replied anything.

What is a hash table how does it works?

Given a language write regular expression, make dfa, and what is the main difference between its dfa and nfa.?

Why do we make nfa, if dfa is easy to make?

How do we use dfa to maintain lexical analyzer( how does lexical analyzer use dfa to track lexemes)

Then I4 interviewer told I1 to move to OS part.



What is the difference between various types of operating system?

What is the difference between hard real and soft real type of operating system? Why do we use the term hard real time and soft real time operating system.?and it's application.

What is virtual memory?

Given a scenario to design your own operating system which features do you think is necessary for your operating system and why?

(And many more confusing ques not direct so I didn't recall much).

Then I4 told I5 to move to Algorithms.



How and why does merge sort works?.

What is the difference between various sorting algorithms and why should we prefer one over the other explain for each sorting algorithm.

Write recurrence relation for merge sort and solve it.

Write a code snippet to delete a given binary tree completely.

Write a code snippet to check two binary trees are same or not.

After this I4 interviewer himself started with C programming.

C Programming:

Can we pass parameter to main function?

How does command line argument works? He told me write code to explain in detail.

Why do we put address in the scanf function? And why not in printf?

What is call by value and call by reference?


After all of this, the I4 interviewer told me that the interview is done and i can leave. It was a one hour long interview but i think they were in hurry as i was the last person for this panel of interview.

I tried to remember as much as possible but there were some more questions.

There were situations that i was trying to explain they said that if i don't know then its OK but i keep on requesting to let me explain they use to laugh and give me time.

I was feeling very proud to be interviewed by these panel and even for reaching there to get interviewed.


And on 27th June, the result was out. There were 8 students who were selected and I was one of them. :)

Feel free to ask your queries.





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When questions like "What is virtual memory?" do we give the textbook definition or do we explain the concept to them.
They don't like textbook definition at all,if you tell them textbook definition they will most probably ask you to explain it.
please suggest me how to prepare for the barc interview
How you prepared and the resources from you prepared

if you have read the complete interview,you definitely would have got some insight about the type of questions been asked and these are all covered in GATE syllabus. Just go through Gate syllabus. 

You can also go through my friends interview experience:


First of all, Thanks Rishabh for this post. This is the stuff I was after. Could you please tell me did they ask questions related to your projects ??
For me they didn't asked about my projects.

But they may ask about your's ,just be prepared.
Op can they ask about our internship/training experience?
Yes they may ask about your experience,if you are not fresher.
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