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okay, i understand the anxiety.But in the process many people are posting gate questions wrong nd leading to a wrong answer and leading towards more confusion..

please hold on.. wait for some days..when the question paper will out,arjun sir or someone else will make all the question(not too many people to avoid duplicate)

then discuss your answer under that banner
posted Feb 13, 2017 in Others by Boss (18,469 points) | 974 views


I agree with you guys. I gave set 1 and after finishing the paper I was like what the heck the paper was!!! If we compare 2015 and 2016 papers this year set 1 was completely different story. We should really do something about it.

 And I have an observation that from 2014 to 2016 the set 1 paper is comparatively easier than the other sets. But this year they tried to reverse things but went too overboard.

I think we should give a petition of a single paper for cs. If we have more than one set it becomes like a lottery, the one with easier set is the king. How can you tell who is better if the have such different level papers of same course. This is really not expected from them.
Sorry I posted my comment under the wrong banner.
I heard that our responses are send to our candidate logins, is it true?
last time it was done so
Don't worry set 1 guys.....normalization will do its work.
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