Hello everyone . My name is Ayush Tripathi . I have secured AIR 56 in GATE 2021 . In begining of year 2020 I found Gateoverflow . It is a place where i am sure all the top rankers were in months of their preparation . I want to thank Arjun Sir for creating this great platform . Sir you have blessing of all those who wanted to explore GATE CS . 

From starting of my preparation for every previous year questions and other TIFR , ISRO problems only place I find perfect was GO . People here are so great and awesome . every comment , every answer just create a new perspective towards the problem . I never answered any question on GO till now . But I am very grateful to this community and I will be continuing to help students . Because you should pass what you learn thats how knowledge sail through generations .

To all students who are going to prepare I am suggesting few points which one should consider ---

(1) See if you get very low marks in test series . Please don’t stop giving tests . You should continue giving tests . You should revise questions which you did wrong .  And never get disappointed by test series results . Try to buy a test series which contains tough questions . Because I have seen some test series which were having very easy questions and students solve them only which was not sufficient for tough paper like this year . 

(2) Try to solve previous year at least two times .

(3) Take mathematics seriously . While preparing for maths you will automatically be ready for aptitude section . 

(4) Try to give full length tests to learn how to manage pressure and time . This year managing pressure became hardest thing because of toughness of paper . So I would suggest you to give as many as full length tests as you want .

(5) Try to prepare notes in such a way that during last days of your preparation you can easily revise things . Don’t try to make bulky notes (if you are not in offline coaching) . Because that will make your revision tough .

(6) There will be times when you have self doubts . Try not to think that much . If you prepare well you will definately end up good .

Lastly I am thankful to Arjun Sir and all those who answered so well . 

Praggy app was also very accurate in predicting rank and score . GO answer key was accurate and whatever assumption made about challenging questions was also very accurate .

On whole internet you can’t find something as perfect as gateoverflow . 

Thank you !

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congo Brother
best of luck for ur next adventure
Thank You bhai
Congratulations Ayush ! On a lighter note, how many people have got AIR 56 this time ? XD I myself know about three others, haha.


Anyways, Congratulations and Best of Luck !
Thanks brother .

haha I didn't knew 😅
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Congratulations bro.. ✌
Thank you Nikhil . And congrats you did great  !
congo brother!!!!!!!!best of luck for ahead