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Ok, I know that to mug up things in gate is a sin. But still you will agree with me that there are a few points in gate that are definitely worth just digesting. Some known example might be complexities in algo., some formulas in maths like eigen values, Grupoid, Monoid etc., Some closure props. in TOC. etc.

Some topics are there  on which questions are guaranteed && those topics need no concept no mathematics but a very simple knowledge of that -- i.e just and just knowing that.


Also, as to do so is shared in numerous gate experiences too. So i would request all kind people here on GateOverflow to share all hat they think is extremely ease and is like- “Marks for Free” → all under one post

We'll all be really grateful.

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mug up formulas and important results....only if you have done those before,understood the topic and understood the derivations.Gate question papers setters generally asks questions so that there is no plug in formula and get answer stuff..I suggest you look into geeks for geeks website,gatecse to make note of important result,formulas and generalized results.
There's hardly any stuff that needs mugging up. All closure properties of TOC are easy to remember if you know the proof.

Properties of Eigen values also easy to remember if you know what eigen value problem is

Rather mugging up, I think it's more beneficial to know the in and out of formula that way you don't even need to revise it and yes GATE paper setters have a good arrangement for maggus :P
Yes, those who learn properly will just remember many stuffs on the way. But those who try to mug up only those things will end up too low in GATE -- might get decent in exams like ISRO though.

may help someone 

On a lighter note:



PS: If anybody feels that his/her sentiments have been hurt by this graphic, please let me know, I will remove this pic.

@arjun sir

what to read in wifi?

If anyone prepared wifi and Ipv6 please suggest a concise resource.


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