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Hey Guys, how can i prepare for pgee & BITS ,particularly the Maths , apti part.

Any resources?

Syllabus for both?


posted Feb 16 in Preparation Advice by Active (1,481 points) | 749 views


Ok bro and how much gap will be there b/w test and interview...?
Not sure. But enough to prepare for it.
OK thanx bro!
is lucknow one of the exam centres of pgee?? coz next day of pgee is isro really concerned about both


I suggest to start learning how to find things by yourself. All these kind of doubts can be solved by visiting official websites of the respective exams. This will help you in the long run. For any other info related to PGEE, please try to find it yourself at:


P.S.: I am also a GATE 2018 aspirant like you and this was my first attempt.

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