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Any changes in the answers to that of GO Answer key?

Please ignore this comment, was a mistake -

For the following question : 

A queue is implemented using a non-circular singly linked list. The queue has a head pointer and a tail pointer, as shown in the figure. Let n denote the number of nodes in the queue. Let enqueue be implemented by inserting a new node at the head, and dequeue be implemented by deletion of a node from the tail.

The answer key says option "D". Doesn't look right to me.

Also for this question 

Let ⊕ and ⊙ denote the Exclusive OR and Exclusive NOR operations, respectively. Which one of the following is NOT CORRECT?

Answer key says "C" which seems to be incorrect.

Not (C) this question right answer is (D)
Ryt now i have checked it. ... No Change...

100% Accuracy......
You guys are right. My mistake.
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