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Hey all,

Please suggest me the order in which I should give preference among following options in IIITH Application Form:

M.Tech in Computer Science (obviously choice 1)

For choice no. 2, there are 2 options: M.Tech in Computer Science-Information Technology OR MS (Research) in Computer Science

I am confused between the last two. Which should i give higher preference?

Also, if I don't mention any undergrad projects in my form, will it affect my chances of getting selected? I don't have a good B.Tech project as I am from not-so-good college and my profressors just told me to have any project just for formality and passing. Please guide me. :(
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I filled up  M.Tech in Computer Science-Information Technology as second option and MS (Research) in Computer Science as third after reading placement statistics and my less interest in publishing a research paper. I have already submitted the application. I also didn't do any good college project in undergrad so I left the projects section empty as it was not compulsory. I discussed it with my friend who got selected for interviews in IIIT-H last year and he said just show those things you are good at and thus hide project details. I hope this helps!
Thank you! Can you please tell me the difference between Computer Science and Computer Science-Information Technology?

I think it is Information Security not Information Technology. You can see the difference here by reading about them:

Thank you for the help. Have you filled any other admission forms?
Yeah, I have. Have you? What rank did you get in GATE?
My rank is 1976. And yours? Which forms have you filled?
2786. I have filled up for ISI and waiting for BITS-HD.
How is ISI? And BITS-HD?
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