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Hello everyone,

I got a call letter for attending interview for Research program in Mathematical Sciences at IISc Bangalore. Can someone please tell me if it is a good option for research? My interview is on 20th May. If someone else (preferably a girl) has got interview on same date then please message me. It would be good to go in a group. I am a girl too. And please tell me if its worth attending the interview for this branch. Thanks. :)
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I do not know particularly about mathematics department but I can tell you over all scenario here in IISc. I am in CSA department and there are many other department people attends classes in CSA. So, you are free to attend/take any course in any department but you need to finish minimum number of courses from your department. And best thing is, placements are centralized here i.e. you can sit for any company u want and they will not look at your department instead will check your concepts which you learn from courses.

And if you want to do Machine learning then mathematics department is bonus for you. ML has lots and lots of maths. What you can do is, you learn maths concepts in mathematics department and take ML courses in CSA and this would be deadly combination.

For an example, I have a friend in management department here and she finished ML related courses at CSA and took compulsory courses in management, and got placed in one of the top company for which many CSA people dream.

At least you should not miss interview for sure.
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