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I had a gate score of 616, AIR 1457 in GATE 18. With this rank, I was skeptical wether I’d even get a call from IIT H, but luckily, I did get the call.

There were around 40 students appearing (later we got to know that there were total 8 project positions available).

1st round was a basic GATE level MCQ. Though some questions were from ML topics as well. There were total 20 questions, I solved 14 of them and qualified. Along with the MCQs. we were given 2 separate problems, they told us they’ll discuss their solutions in the interview if called.

20 students out of initial 40 were shortlisted. Then we were made to sit in a classroom, where all the professors came and explained their projects, and what we’ll be working on. We were given a list in which we had to mark our preference for projects.

My first choice was Autonomous Driving, and second was one Compiler based project. Rest all projects were  eithrt heavy ML based or Networking based, and since, at this point of time, I didn’t have a strong foundation in ML and probability, and didn’t want to work in Networks, I gave them low preference. I‘m stating this here because order of priority also plays a very important role in RA selections. Even though, at this point of time, I was ready to work on whatever project I’d have gotten at IIT H, I seriously doubt they’d have selected me if Autonomous Driving was lower down the order in my preference list.

There were total 3 panels, consisting of 2 professors each. Call it luck or whatever you want, my first 2 priority profs were part of the same panel!

so here’s how it went :

Prof 1: Introduce yourself, what are you currently doing?

Me: Told my basic background, and the fact that I left ISM just 2 months after joining, for better acads, and was preparing for GATE 19.

Prof 1: if we select you, will you leave us to for a 2 year program?.

Me: I said GATE is so uncertain, and the faculties here are top notch, and time was’nt an issue, if I get  this, i’m finally done with GATE.

Prof1: okay, let’d focus on subject topics. Explain spatial locality of reference and temporal locality of reference.

Me: Told the answer. he was satisfied with spatial, but asked me to go to board and explain temporal locality. I did so.

Prof1: Take this code ( it was a C code), and tell, which variables (if any) show spatial locality and which show temporal.

Me: did so.

Prof1: asked my btech percentage

told him.

now prof 2 started questioning,

Prof 2:  what do you understand by memory hierarchy

me: told

prof 2: L1, L2, L3, which cache is the fastest?

me: I said I don’t remember the name, but the one closest to CPU is fastest.

they started smiling now, and I felt relieved.

Prof2 :Write regular expression for a^nb^n.

me: this is not regular, RegEx not possible.

Prof2: what is it then?

me: CFL, we can make a PDA, and told him how I will.

Prof2: what about a^nb^nc^n?

me: not even CFL

prof2: is the balanced paranthese problem same as a^nb^n?

me: no, gave a counter example.

prof2: is it same as (a^nb^n)*?

me: no, again gave a counter example

now he sent me to the board and ask some more problems related to balanced parenthesis and regular expressions, I gave counter examples every time.

then they explained their projects in detail to me, and I left the room.

I waited the whole day for my next 2 interviews, but they never called me, I was nervous since most of the people were giving 2-3 interviews.

finally got the result on 18th Dec, so much hard work finally paid off.

Thanks GO community!!

( total 7 regular, and 1 sponsored candidate was selected)
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Congratulations bro! Thanks for sharing.
Congratulations,well done!!:)
congrats brother... better future AHEAD :)
Thank you for sharing your interview experience. Heartiest Congratulations :)

@Faizul Haq

your Btech %age pls?

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