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Hi to one and all,

I seen recent days more number of people are too much worrying about Preparation Strategy and Test Series


Preparation Strategy :-

Actually there is no unique type of preparation strategy which works for all, we have to implement on our own strategy which is suited us.

But note that a very important activity is revision. At last day, How many hours you dedicated to learn the concept in previous moths is not matter, How much subject you remember to attend the GATE question is matter which is directly propositional to how many hours you reserve for revision for a subject.

How can i revise continuously ?

Take a chart, make a cell for each day till the D-Day, choose subjects in round robbin fashion fill them in each cell.

on every day from today onwards, what ever your preparation may be, first give 2 hours to revise the fixed subject which is written on the chart to the corresponding date, after that start what ever you want to do according to your preparation.

At the end of the every day, make a note on the cell what you did whole day !

if you revise a subject, write it with number of hours you did that, if you read a new concept write it, if you wasted the day write it, even if you went the movie, write it also. At start of every day you should check what is your previous day performance, i am sure that will it BOOST UP you.

After the revision one more mandatory activity is practicing the problems, after the revision, as per your plan you studied some other subject ( with the help of GO or wiki or some other resource ), At the end of the day, please check the Previous year GATE questions with respect to the concept, and try to solve them, ( If you are following GO for those questions please read the complete discussion on that question, understand different perspective of different people on that question which helps you alot. )

After two weeks check your chart, If you see it, then you can automatically understand which subject troubled on the day of revision, then you can allocate some more time to that particular subject. ( My opinion, if you are completely unaware of any subject don’t try to learn in the month of January ).

While your preparation, keep one day as a blank between four days( due to only one month left ). Take any subject on that day, only practice the problems related to that subject. ( Generally most of the people takes test series try to write tests of that subject ), If any question troubles you, and you think it is a beautiful question, then immediately copy that question into your book. Due to this action you keep on seeing the question at time of revision.


Test Series :-

The first question comes into my mind is “ $\color{red}{\text{Is writing test series is necessary ?}}$ ”

Some of the people say yes, then i am asking “ $\color{green}{\text{what is your reason behind to take the test series ?}}$ ”

  1. Some of the people saying, Time Management, Then think is 3 hours of time not sufficient for you ? I mean there are 65 questions in the exam, 180 Minutes of time, one should understand we can’t touch 65 questions, let you want to attempt 60 questions, then average time for question is 3 Minutes. Is 3 minutes is sufficient for one question, on average, as per my opinion it is sufficient, So don’t worry about time management in GATE.
  2. Some of the people saying, Questions, yes but one should note that those questions ( which ever the test series ) should be based on previous year gate questions, So without practicing previous year GATE questions there is no use of taking any test series. If you already did all the GATE problems ( Some other standard question papers ) then you write test series for the purpose of questions.
  3. Some of the people saying, for knowing the competition, yes some what it can help to analyze the where we are in RACE. But one should know that, Most of the people even doesn't write the tests, most of the people who wrote test series, didn’t took it seriously. One more point which have to consideration is “ the answers provided by the test series may be wrong even questions itself wrong.

One more point which i have to mention, “$\color{blue}{\text{ Some of the people DISAPPOINTED due to the result of test series performance}} $”

yes it is a human tendency to disappoint when we doesn't perform well. But one should analyses the reason before disappoint, Is really you performed bad ? or due to the out of syllabus questions or ambiguity questions or more time consuming questions or wrong answer provided by them lead to score less ? One more point people should remember that GATE exam should consists easy questions, medium questions, hard questions and very hard questions. But these test series following this standard ?

( this blog is written in my perspective, If you didn’t agree with me, then follow your own ideas or approaches, i am not forcing anyone to follow my approach )

PS : there are many spelling mistakes or grammatical mistakes, please forgive me for that

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in your case, first fully revise the subject, then only solve the GATE questions., because without proper revision we can't perform our 100% efficiency on solving question.
Ok.Thank you so much for your suggestion.Will try to implement the same.Just afraid that I may run short of time.

@Shaik Masthan sir, need a suggestion,revision of a subject taking atleast 2 full day(previous gate Q+notes+one/two subject test) becoz of this I afraid that one full revision is not possible with this strategy. what should I do? one full revision is sufficient? till now I attened 2 full length test and scored 60.33 and 66.02 but not gaining confidence becoz in both test more than 10 questions incorrect due to silly mistakes. some topics of CAO( except cache,pipelining and addressing mode) and some topics of CN not covered till now., should I go for cover remaining topics first and then revision starts in january , I'm very confused.


brother, my first revision(only notes) takes 4 days to read a subject ( i started my revision in NOV at the time of GATE-17 ). After that in round robbin fashion i came to 3$^{rd}$ or 4$^{th}$ revision it takes me only 2 hours to read my notes !

even in your case ( as per your approach ) easily you can complete 2 revisions in 20 days, there are still 10 days left to you, then you can revise more number of times.

learning a new concept is your wish but first reserve time for revision then think about it !


more than 10 questions incorrect due to silly mistakes.

One can not escape from this, just we have to minimize it, but one thing we have to remember that " Why to hurry to answer a question ? if i go slowly it will take 1 more minute to solve the question, but there should be some questions surely which i can't solve, therefore this time is utilized by carefully answering to the known question. "

@shaik masthan sir, I need some advice regarding the same can we speak over phone? Just 5 minutes !

@Shaik Masthan

Iam yet to cover CN and Im doing Important topics only as it is a vast subject.

This might go for another week at max

I havent solved some previous year questions and im looking to give previous year qsns as mocks

Can you give some suggestions on how should i proceed for coming days revision and MOCKS ?

Need suggestions.


@Shaik Masthan

thnk u so much sir for your valuable words, it means a lot.

@Warrior_19, @Sasta_yoda

what ever i can, i write it in the blog itself, there is nothing else remains with me to suggest you

So some people have even developed the skills to solve 3hr gate paper within the first 10 minutes. We are nowhere close. 😂😂

@Gupta731 I thought these were you guys ...


How can this even be possible? 😲
Maybe they collected the answers from someone else.
Then what's meaning of Taking test series.useless.

@Shaik Masthan 

Whatever you wrote, Really make sense and indeed logical. Thanx.


Life is a game of cricket where there is no concept of "wicket" , life is a baller and you are the batsman. 

Life throwing balls in the form of opportunities , just put ur best efforts and hit the ball but dont worry even if you miss. Life will throw many of them. But the only way you can lose this game if you leave the ground.

               -- Words by sandeep maheshwary.

 mine 2nd attempt also .dont take too much tension bro just sleep if u want to study just study . dont make life too complex. gate is just a test ... if u  succeed its good if u not then try again .....if in test series u are getting less marks  apply this funda ( first goal 50 marks )  just see apti section 15 nos tried  to score 12 + there  now  85 marks remaining try to score 35-40  out of 85  marks okk i think if u study well then 50% marks u can get easily do this everything in 2 hours and in next 1 hour try to sneak 10-15 marks  ....this works well for me till now


Then no words can solve the problems but some practices can brother.  Try what deepanshu said and if you got good marks and good sleep as well as a result then no worries. 

else Meditation is a key to anxiety. Mind get anxious coz we think too much of things, meditation will calm you down a bit for sure.  

Now if you say i dont wanna do meditation also then my friend how will u solve a problem if not ready to take any step. Meditation will surely take u somewhere rather that standing still and getting depressed.

Obviously that not the case bro. Any below average person can do well in gate but the bitter truth is you really have to follow a correct path with full dedication. You got the job means u r pliable enough but if you loose hope within urself then no one can save u coz u r killing the person who is ur ultimate saviour n that saviour is u only. I am not having any philosophy or something but its a fact. Worst case is you wont perform as expected but so what, life isnt at dead end yet buddy, try again with proper planning.., but if loose hope u ll surely loose most of the things. GATE worth sacrificing everything but it also give u another chance as well., just be strong.. sometimes people aren't in ur side but atleast u should be the person who believe in urself... thats all what matters most my friend. Never loose hopes.


@sripo don't loose hope bro. Last year i.e 2018 GATE exam, prepared for 6 months after leaving job enrolled into weekend batch in Bangalore. Do you know how much i got. 18 marks. after completely dedicating myself and wasting all my saving ,i couldn't even clear the cutoff mark.

Had to come back home and this time preparing again and will give gate 19 .

so dont worry bro there are many people like us and remember "Life mein kuch na kuch toh kar hi lenge." this much confidence you should have.


be a man bro .....stop whining see it is not like after this gate someone gonna kill u .see everyone is  frustrate right now (even 2019 topper he/she will  be like i want to score more marks ) ..... someone will be frustrated for other thing some other ..some will be frustrated like by gate i am not social anmore........ ,in one mock around 10-15 days earlier i scored 27 marks ... i am also frustrated at that time one mock there are around 5-7 questions of n/w later part which i never revise i am frustrated i am like complete n/w in one day frustration .......then i just sit back 27 marks no problem maybe paper solutions are wrong ,n/w later part how much that will cost me 3-4 marks ? i got big heart for that :)  

now family support , u have to live ur life they are not live that for u.. U r gonna live 80 years in you body not they so who will make decisions for u OFcourse u i m assuming  u are mature enough ..........make ur life goal like up to 25 years u will be well settled means either from good iit if u want psus then in good psus , if in company then good package .......

in cases of frustrated even ambani was frustrated to have RAFAEL DEAL ...


Dont be sorry bro, but got angry coz the way u giving up everything. Never loose hope. Parents always think for our good but they have their limits of knowing the things , so just be loyal to urself and give it a shot. Many people repeated so many times. 

eg. if u r regular user of GO you must have known Akash kanse, he repeated 3 times but now he is at Microsoft. What would have been the scenario if he already quit ? Microsoft wouldn't have come to his doorsteps right. So just be calm n believe in urself.

n yeah i ll suggest not to quit mock test, coz if u cant handle it at ur home where everything is calm then hardly u ll handle it on hot seat. Just ignore marks and analyse mistakes n solve prev que on that, ignore those shi*** questions of tests, but revise the concept which u missed.

All the best buddy.
i wont suggest u now to go for subject tests,  as questions are just made for name sake. Better just open the GO book and hit the area where question count is more ,that shows the topic is important.

Try them as a test, chose the questions and try to solve in time. 3*(number of questions) should be time limit. and give full length just to manage time. See the videos uploaded by Ankit Goyal on YT. no bullsh** , everything is practical what he says, surely help.

(He is a electrical sub mentor so all vid on his channel called kreatryx will be on those subjects, avoid them n search for recent posts on preparation strategy.)
Suitable interval is what GATE alloted u. we have morning session right. It ll be painful to sit for 3 hrs but u can improve in these 15 days. calmly solve the Question, leave if u have no idea but atleast go through all n attempt what u can,  revision on that topic you can do after test, dont think while doing test. coz thinking of two , u r doing none.
Iam not a highly successful person right now,but this kind of issues are faced by every aspirant(EVEN THE AIR_1)!.

When ever u feel like giving up, just give a test and after seeing the marks, you will be automatically motivated to study.

Worrying doesnt help in anyway.

Either revise OR stay calm(minimum damage).
Also there are people like Akash Kanase, Deepakk poonia , who were average students like most of us,but with lot of dedication and efforts they were successful now. Our purpose should be to learn concepts and improve knowledge and MARKS would be a BY_PRODUCT in this process.

Instead of wasting time about worrying , you can start learning and MARKS would automatically come.


but not the other way :p

चिंता से चतुराई घटे, 
दु:ख से घटे शरीर।
लोभ किये धन घटे, 
कह गये दास कबीर।।

The cleverness reduced by worry,
The body reduced from sorrow.
The money reduced,
Said Das Kabir. .

@sripo smile at the face of adversity , and go for the kill . The more you take pressure , the more your marks would go down .

Keep your head held up high , everything is possible :) . 


I took test series of both Made Easy and Ace, and it turned out that taking up "Ace" is the worst mistake you can do during your preparation. Made Easy test series also has a lot of incorrect answers and solutions, and only 1 or 2 out of 20 of their questions are good. These two are nowhere near worth their hype. Should've taken gatebook and testbook instead!!

@Gupta731 Solutions to most of the questions of Made Easy are already available on gateoverflow, so these toppers type the questions as the test series goes, read the answers and mark them.😂

@Sasta_yoda This year VG haven't conducted any live Mock tests yet right?

Brother...You dont have to worry! Just stop worrying about result. Whatever the GATE will give you... its not worth your happiness. Exams will come and go. It doesnt matter if you top, it doesnt matter if you fail. Comparison will never end. So, just give the exam. Study when you want to, if you dont want to study ...dont. Go out.

@Shaik Masthan plz close this thread

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