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Hi all,

We are in exam month now. This is not the time for rush study. Rather this is the time you should relax and give proper rest to brain. GATE is not an exam where more memory is going to save you (many IIT profs give open book exams). So, realize the fact that your mark in GATE exam is almost fixed by now only. So, what to do?

  1. If you are capable of scoring 60 now, try to reach 60-70 and not go to 50-60. This makes a huge difference.
  2. For doing 1, now you should not try to mugup formula or cover new topics. Just relax now and also in exam hall. Try to see every question carefully and avoid silly mistakes. A good eye is a big help.
  3. At least for the remaining time give more focus for previous GATE questions - they tell you how questions are being formed. Each word might be important ina question and makes sense, unlike test series questions where no one knows what makes sense. Those who have solved a lot of them, be prepared to experience the difference in GATE.
  4. I have been super busy these days, but wanted to make a challenging mock test for GATE similar to GO Programming test. Not sure if I can do, but if possible I'll do this 3-4 days before GATE. I wnated to make it really tough so that no one loses heart however be the actual GATE paper.
  5. Many final year students do get high 3 digit ranks in GATE CSE - which shows subject knowldge matters more than preparation. So, even if you have not seen many GATE related stuffs, you can do well if your knowledge is correct.
  6. Whatever you do, kill your panics and stress and try to relax more. Your brain should be happy and not tired during the critical 3 hours. I repeat, do not try to store more things there- it won't be useful at least for GATE.
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All are welcome :) I'll try to make the test next week unless I get some deadlines.


I want to focus on/solve(again) gate questions but problem is revising things takes more time and no time left for managing both simultaneously.

You and many others already know of GATE questions. My comment was more directed towards freshers as they don't know of actual GATE questions. People like you need not spend too much time on previous GATE questions as you would have already seen them many times. You should instead see the topics which you are not so confident and improve them. That is what people here did last year and many of them got great ranks.

If someone hasn't solved all GATE questions from the past twenty years till now then it will hardly take 15 to 20 days to complete everything, if you've prepared  well(12 to 14 hours a day). Definitely you would've solved atleast a few questions during your preparation so it's not too difficult. Other than algorithms the no of questions in all other subjects will between mid 100s to mid 200s(including TIFR questions). Use Gateoverflow book.

But given that there's isn't much time atleast go through all the questions and solutions. And take note of problems you find to be difficult so that you can see it once more before the exam on the last day.

Sorry. I won't be able to make the test. But I reiterate my points:

  • Those trying first time concentrate more on previous GATE questions (not remembering the answer)
  • Others try not to make mistakes and be prepared for new questions and not get used to "typical" ones
No problem Arjun,

GO Mock 3 will come tomorrow..

@Arjun Sir,@Bikram Sir and all

This platform is really nice
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