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I had decided to prepare for gate-20 after scoring not so well in gate-19. Around 3 weeks ago, I received a MS interview call from IIT-Palakkad. So I decided to give the interview as I felt it would motivate me further to study well. So I went there... Firstly I was asked about my areas/subjects of interest. I said Os and Algo. In Os, they asked what were my favorite topics on which I was interested to do reasearch. I told virtual memory and paging. They asked numericals on paging which I was able to solve. Then they asked what was the purpose of paging. I told them using paging, we can allocate memory non-contiguously and we can actually accommodate processes which have a requirement of memory larger than the physical memory. They said I was on the right track but I need to build on my answer and add some more points to it.

Again I told that using paging we can accommodate processes non-contiguously and also helps to accommodate processes with memory requirement greater than that of the physical memory.  They weren't convinced. They asked me if paging would be required in a batch os with memory requirement for a process less than that of the physical memory in that system. At that point I was stuck and i said in that case paging might not be required. Then they gave me hint of shared memory and said try to link up your answer while considering the case of shared memory. I got confused and still wasn't able to answer. Then they asked me couple of algo questions (based on recursion, linked list) which I was able to answer. After that they asked if deadlock can occur in rr scheduling. I got that one wrong. After 2 days results were declared and my name was on the waiting list. Yesterday I got selected. Now I am confused and apprehensive whether to join or not as it is a new IIT and this is the first batch. Please advise…!!!
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what is your rank?
Look at the faculty webpages and see the professors who work in the area you're interested in. Look at where they've done their Masters and PhDs from. See what kind of work they have done, if they have published papers in reputed journals. You should not hesitate to mail them directly. IIT professors, even if they are busy, will at the very least get you in touch with one of their students to answer your questions if they feel you are really interested in their work. Your rank is inconsequential. What matters now is what you do from here. All the best.
I have done my btech from a good college where all faculties have done their masters or phd from iits or iisc.Believe me what matters most is the environment we have in college,students around you are dedicated to do something in life or have just come here to enjoy their time and to get a iit tag.If iits would be having mediocre faculties,even then the competitition for entrance remail same.No college is known for its faculties(except iisc and iiit hyderabad),it is known for the quality of students who get admitted there. Look what you want and rank matters,if you have decent rank then it can boost your confidence for next year,if I can do this year then surely I can improve next year.Even btech students hesitate to join new iits then for starting batch of mtech it could be no different than your btech college(private or state government).

Aim for old iits or iisc  or iiit hyderabad.


if I can do this year then surely I can improve next year.

you can't guarantee.... life is mystery !

i don't want to decrease your confidence, i am just warning about it !!

But ultimately it's depend upon the individual.

yes, you are right it depends on individual.

I didn't knew that you have lost your hope and do not think that you can control your own life.Above message is meant for those who believe in themselves not on any life mystery.Please Do not bother others with these comments.

Success comes to those who believe in themselves till their last breadth.
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