My journey from Wipro to an IISc student - GATE 2019

Well, after my BTech in EXTC, I had managed to get a good job at Wipro in Telecom domain. However, after few months in the IT work, I started feeling that this is not the place where I belong, I felt I am born to do something more, the IT work can be taught to any other BTech guy, and he was any day replaceable. I didn’t wanted to be that replaceable person, and wanted to do more fruitful work, and I also wanted to study more, and then I thought of giving GATE, and yes, I wanted to give GATE in CS.

 It was a difficult decision for me and a risky one too, to leave my well paid job and go back to studies, that too in a new branch for me since I was from EXTC. I was blessed to have very supportive parents and friends, who suggested me to join classroom coaching in Ace. Coaching gave me the competitive environment which I needed to focus. It gave me a basic idea of subjects which were totally new for me, like Algo, DS, CD, TOC, DBMS, OS in a shorter span of time, and for in depth understanding, I used to refer the textbooks. It gave me a push to study more, ask more questions, manage time well, but then I realized this is not enough. This is when I came across Gate overflow. Coaching materials have lot of incorrect answers and the moment I used to search for a Gate question on net, the first hit was GO.

I found GO very useful, then I practiced all PYQ’s from GO pdf. I used to read all the comments from the seniors and how they arrived at answers, how they eliminated the options. Till in Ace, I felt I am doing quite well, but when I found the questions getting asked in GO site, I realized that  there are people well ahead of me. I bucked up myself, there were many days when I used to feel low seeing my fellow colleagues going onsite, then I uninstalled Facebook, Instagram, and I used Whattsap just to be in contact with parents. I had a clear vision that I need to study all topics once, revise them once properly, and during this time make clear short notes, then for next revisions, I would follow short notes only. And in between if I had doubts anywhere I used to refer textbooks. 1 thing that helped me a lot was solving doubts of others, I always approached a question from basic definition level, and was firm that it will have a valid answer, and if I am unable to solve it, then I don’t know some concept. I also used to solve lot of questions from GO. Then started with test series, gate tests from GO, Gatebook, Ace, Made easy. Quality of questions from Gatebook and MadeEasy were very good.

Finally the big day came, 3rd Feb and I tried to be as cool as cucumber and answer well. I got a score of 762, marks 66.67 and AIR 388. I feel I have got what I deserved, nothing more nothing less. I didn’t get much time to read all the subjects and concepts from textbook, since I understood lot of things from coaching itself. I feel I could have got better rank, if I knew about GO before my prep started, nevertheless, I knew that I will face interviews at all IITs and IISc at this score, so I started preparing for the interviews. Again GO was very helpful here, the score predictor app by Pragy sir allowed us to start our interview preps well before the GATE results were out.

I have written blogs for my interview experiences at I will add them in GO site also. For interview prep also GO came as a boon for me. There were interview experiences shared by seniors and they were very much detailed posts. Only because of those posts, I got some idea what to prepare. And GO classroom coding questions also showed the coding level that is needed in IIT coding tests, after solving those questions, I felt a bit more confident.

Finally with the blessings of my parents and my friends, and a lot of help from the entire Gate Overflow community, I got selected in IISc as an MTech Research student in Computational and Data science (CDS) dept. If I look back today, I'm happy for having taken that risk, it was worth it.

Thank you: A very big thank you and salute to Arjun Sir for running this community with so much dedication and all other members who have made GO such a huge success, who selflessly continue to help the students, specially Digvijay Sir, Srestha Maam, Shaikh Masthan Sir, Bikram Sir

Suggestions to Gate Aspirants : Conceptual clarity is what is needed in Gate, question everything, don’t accept anything unless and until you know why it is so, practice lot of questions, be dedicated and confident, during the last month of Gate you may feel it’s done, can’t read more, but that’s the time we must push ourselves more, and everything you read matters.. and don’t give up, even if you score less, you may get calls for interviews, if you don’t get calls, there are other exams like IIITH, JEST, etc. be updated, there is very nice fb group of GO (I would suggest joining after GATE though :p)

“There is always a way, we just need to find it, and there is always an answer, we just need to solve it” ..!! :)

Thanks for reading guys, if you have any queries feel free to reach out to me, I would be happy to help :)


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Congrats... Wish u all d best for future journey.
there are lot of people who take risk, but there are only few people who made it success.

you are one of them, HEARTIEST CONGRATULATIONS :)
congrats for your achievements , your interview experiences are really useful for other candidates
Congratulations :)
Congrats Chaitra 😊 You got IISc because you did coding which most CS people are reluctant to do so.
Thank you Arjun sir, looking forward to meet you :)
Thanks Gyanu, Utkarsh, Sanjay sir, and shaik masthan sir :)


@Chaitrasj In interviews you were quite confident with probability and RVs. Which book did you follow to get better understanding of the concepts?

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